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Tempus Fugit

Day 5987
vaccine day 36
25 days into retirement

Wow. Somehow got sucked into binge watching CNN for 12 -14 hours a day. To dispatch with the events of Jan 6, all the shit that led up to it and all that’s happened since – Trump deserves WAY more punishment than he will likely get. Crazy-assed Trumpublicans saying that NOW is the time for unity and moving forward. What about the last 4 years? Wasn’t that a good time for unity? They want unity now just to try and get some mercy for their complicit asses. The quickest path to calmness and unity is for ALL those complicit in the actions of Jan 6 be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

For Trump, the 25th Amendment is too easy a way out. Censure is a joke. Impeach, convict and permanently ban him from ever holding ANY elective office (even town board member of whatever unfortunate community will take him in) and also a life time ban of all social media and NO SELF PARDON. Same goes for all people that spoke at that godforsaken rally. Every one of them should be booted from office and banned forever. They were all involved in an effort to round up and possibly kill the vice president and speaker of the house at a minimum. These assholes can’t be trusted in government ever and better not get pardons.

Trump also needs to be given a shot of some of that CIA truth serum then interviewed (interrogated?) about the election. That will be the only way he’ll ever utter the truth. While they’re at it, can they find out the truth about those Russian prostitutes he allegedly had a go with? That would go a long ways to explaining his sucking up to Putin.

Now that I’m all worked up to a fever pitch, I can safely say that this trial vaccine I got last month has had zero negative effects on me. My arm was kinda sorta sore for a day or two after the initial shot, but since then, no ill effects.

Last week when I went in to the clinic for my 29 day follow up visit, I had my temperature taken (90.1 on my forehead – it was cold out!), then sat down in the waiting area. Across from me was a guy in my Thursday night bowling league. We were able to establish that we were both there as subjects for the Covid vaccine, then he got called off to his appointment. Thursday at bowling we were actually on adjacent pairs, and were both assigned the front tables (story for another time), so I slid over to his table and we compared notes. He and his wife got their shots a month before me. Jim said he had a little arm tightness the next day, his wife had little to no reaction. Now, his wife works in a medical clinic a couple floors above the research labs, so she was recently made eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine. The trial folks uncovered her double blinds and discovered she’d been given the placebo. She immediately dropped out of the trial and got herself shot up with the Pfizer vaccine. Still had very little side effects from the vaccine. So from my point of view, the vaccine is a solid, low risk option that I would encourage any healthy individual to get. I’m in Group 1C, so here in NY likely won’t be eligible until April or May unless the vaccination rate picks up. Hope I go the real thing in this trial!!!

Dump Trump = make him feel the consequences of his attempted coup. Then let the Manhattan DA sink his teeth into him and have at him for tax fraud and all the other illicit crap he’s done in his real estate “empire”.

2 responses

  1. margaret

    AGREE 100 %.
    I keep hearing that there was help from the inside. We watched a special over the weekend showing a man in a gray suit opening the doors on the side and in the back. I am certain after watching all the footage in time there will be a lot of arrests. Like the idiot who posted his pic on social media and his ex wife called the FBI. HA, don’t mess with a woman scorned dumb ass. 🙂

    January 12, 2021 at 1:30 pm

  2. I don’t think tRUMP could tell the truth even if he wanted to. His brain isn’t wired for the truth.

    January 12, 2021 at 4:08 pm

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