Always tweaking something!

&^$%@ Aging!

Day 4293  (since I gave up the evil weed tobacco)

So I had this thing going on with my foot.  Sort of a feeling of pressure or swelling, right under the ball of my right foot.  Used to only get it after a couple miles of running and it would go away after a while.  I had always figured it was related to an old softball injury I had that was a fall out of having plantar fasciitis, or something along those lines.

One time, while rounding 2nd base with as much speed as I could muster (I was a locomotive!), I felt my right foot sort of explode.  At the time, it hurt pretty intensely.  Ended up pulling myself from the game then & there because my foot was swelling up immediately and I really couldn’t put any weight on it.

Went home, did some ice & elevation treatment, got the swelling to reduce.  Next day it wasn’t nearly as bad, so I just kept motoring.  Figured I’d ruptured what ever tendon/ligament that was causing the foot pain I was associating with the fasciitis (wasn’t plantars, but it was something on the bottom of my foot). Two weeks after the explosion, I was back on the field like nothing had ever happened.

Fast forward to this year.  That pressure on the bottom of my foot was becoming constant, worse when barefoot on hard floors.  Pressure, numbness, tingly toes – all that got my GP’s attention and he gave me a referral to a podiatrist.

Saw the podiatrist yesterday.  He took pictures (X-rays) of my foot – 3 different views.  I looked at the screen shots – I saw bones, couldn’t make out much else.

The doctor came back into my treatment room and jokingly asked me how hard I’d been treating my feet.  I honestly told him that I beat them up pretty good.  I’ll play almost any sport, had my fair share of sprained ankles, nails into my feet, stubbed toes, dropped stuff on them – it’s a tough life being one of my feet.

Bottom line?  Doc says I have little pockets of arthritis all over my foot.   Then to top it off, I have this weird condition with my 3rd metatarsal bone.  It’s longer than it should be and that, combined with the stiffness from the arthritis is keeping my foot from flexing properly and the end pad of that metatarsal is where I’m getting that pressure feeling.

Had no idea at all.   Apparently what ever dangly bits were left from that self-inflicted tendon rupture have been re-absorbed – I always was big into recycling!  So now we’re trying a quick hand made orthotic to see if shifting the contact pressure at the ball of my foot helps.  After 24 hours I gotta say it actually feels a little worse.  I have a follow up in 4 weeks, but if this extra padding feels this poorly after a week I may drop it.

But arthritis?  Seriously?



5 responses

  1. Sorry Brian the feet & knees are seriously underrated in the scheme of things. Hope your back on your feet soon. (pun intended for fun 😉 ) G-uno

    May 24, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    • Brian

      Knock wood (as I sit here tapping my head) my knees have been problem free. All things considered, I’ll accept the mildly cranky foot, the repaired right arm and my bionic ears as a reasonable trade for sound knees.

      May 24, 2016 at 6:49 pm

  2. Welcome to my world Brian.This club you have joined with me sucks. Arthritis, we can’t be that old damn it! The things you put in your shoes will always hurt at first. Readjusting the foot. Give it some time, don’t quit too soon. When Rick had to get them he was cussin’ and saying he wasn’t going to use them. I kept saying to hang in there. He wore them half a day and then it went into a full day and now he can’t live without them. Hopefully, that will work for you too. In the mean time, get a designated runner to round the bases for you. 🙂

    May 24, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    • Brian

      I haven’t seriously played softball in 12 or more years – that’s how old the original injury was.  Since then I’ve had my arm re-built too so I’ve settled into the gentler sports like bowling and golf.  No running! Thanks for the tip on the inserts too.  Had no idea things would get worse before they got better.  Hearing how it went for Rick will help me stick with them longer.  Right now, my foot feels worse than before I went in.  Seems counter productive, but I’ll give it a ride.  Doc did say I didn’t have to swap them over to my golf shoes – the short amount of time wouldn’t matter that much. Wonder if walking on a sandy beach would help . . .

      May 24, 2016 at 4:51 pm

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