Always tweaking something!

Heading South

Sadly, only a temporary situation.  Headed to New Orleans to hang out for a very long weekend.  We arrive Wednesday afternoon, leave Monday afternoon.  Thursday thru Sunday is the French Quarter Festival.  That’s 4 days of free music on stages spread through out the Quarter (but mostly along the river) from 11 till about 7 every day.

Weather forecast?

NOLA forecast

Home forecast, same time?

home forecast

Just to drive the point home even harder, it’s snowing here now.  We’re expecting 2 – 4 inches tonight.  No biggie really, but it’s April and we’ve had squat for snow this winter.  Maybe 50″ total so far.  Wimpy.  Why try and catch up now?

So if any of you are free Friday or Saturday next week and could swing by and check in on the cat, that’d be cool.  Because at this time next week?  I plan to be up to my ears in Zydeco & gumbo.  And maybe a little Abita Amber.  Or a Hurricane or two.

I saved up on my dataplan last month, I shall try to remember to toss in a photo or two – maybe a selfie with Buckwheat Zydeco himself.  That would be too cool.

Oh yeah – GO ‘CUSE!!!   (One of my boys earned a degree there – was a freshman when they won it all in 2003 even)



2 responses

  1. Enjoy the music and food! And from the looks of your charts – enjoy that fine weather too.

    April 4, 2016 at 6:40 am

    • Brian

      We’ll have a blast. Anything beats the snow we got yesterday. Can’t wait for 80 degrees!

      April 5, 2016 at 1:49 pm

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