Always tweaking something!

Not a horrid or torrid start

Survived the start of golf season. Re-learned where a few choice muscles are, thinking a soak in the hot tub tonight wouldn’t hurt. Much as I expected, driving and mid to short irons weren’t bad, putting wasn’t terrible, but the delicate stuff – those little 5 – 25 yard chips and pitches were bothersome. I think the poor short game I displayed last night cost me 4 – 5 strokes and maybe a couple of holes.

For the most part, I play the course and just try to shoot the best I can. I don’t worry much about my opponent, if I win a hole, fine, if I lose it, whatever. This is a fun league and we all get pretty much nothing for prizes at the end of the year. There are a handful of categories, and the top performer in each category gets a sleeve of golf balls. Three whole balls. Last year, to save a few bucks, some of the prizes were actually re-cycled balls dug up in the woods by our league hound dog. They’re nice and only give out the best condition ones, not something that’s been out there for a long time or is really beat up. Again – what ever. I’m just trying to improve my game.

But I did crack a couple of drives out 280+ yards – in the fairway. My OWN fairway even. That and canning a 30 foot putt with about 2 feet of break for a par really made my night.

The other thing that made the night? It was sunny, 65-ish degrees with only a mild breeze. One of the nicer days we’ve had since, oh, I’d say September or October. Winter was brutal up here this year and just seems to be really reluctant to let go.

Next up? Making the solar charger for the camper pretty. We have a couple of boondocking trips scheduled for this summer – boondocking being going without water & electric hookups. But I figure we can fill the water tank when we get to the camp site and run much of our stuff off the battery – lots of 12V applications in the camper. But to avoid having to hook the truck up and run it to recharge the battery, I got hold of an 85 Watt solar panel. On a sunny day it ought to be able to kick out enough juice to fully charge the camper battery in about 10 hours. I’ve got some hardware to configure so I can monitor the panel output and battery status. It’s a fun project, might keep me out of trouble and better yet might allow us to spend a week in the woods, off the grid in a modicum of comfort. We’ll see.


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