Always tweaking something!

The cost of where you live.

Day 3902 (days since I quit smoking) (10 years, 8 months & 1 week)

Golf league starts tonight.  Been jonesing for a sport to play since bowling stopped a month ago.  Our usual arrangement for dinner on golf nights involves me calling the local Applebee’s form the parking lot of the golf course and putting in a “car side pick up” order.  Applebee’s has some nice salads that work well, because if a salad gets cold – does it matter?

Anyhow.  Cindy looked through their menu last night, made her choices and wrote them down on a little note that I was supposed to put in my wallet this morning so I knew what the hell she wanted for dinner.

Problem #1?  I left the little note right in front of the little doodad we have for charging our phones.  I think it’s called CRS – a hazard of ones mid=50’s and beyond I’m afraid.

Problem #2?  Just for shits & giggles (and maybe a memory jog) I looked up an Applebee’s menu on-line.  Scanned through the choices.  Saw my favorite salad (Oriental Chicken Salad, with grilled chicken please) and saw that it was $9.99.  Wow!  Less than last year – how often does that happen?  Then I looked up at the location it had me pegged at – Newton, Kansas.  FYI – that’s 1,225 miles from my house.  Not exactly a trip you’d want to make with take out dinners.  So I got on their little locator dealie and picked the restaurant closest to my house (0.5 miles – WAY better than 1,225!)  Downside?  My salad now cost $10.79!!  Almost a dollar more just because it’s here in beautiful upstate NY?

So on top of higher income taxes and outrageous property & school taxes AND 8.25% sales tax, even on meals in restaurants, I also get to pay 8% more for the same meal that someone in Newton, Kansas is going to enjoy tonight?   Phooey.

Ah well, what are you gonna do?  Not like I’m going to move – my whole family is here and that’s reason enough to stay.

But golf tonight!  Managed two trips to the driving range, think I remember how to swing a club (230+ yards carry with a 3 wood on a few shots, that’ll work)  Didn’t hit my driver a lot, but I do know that when I don’t swing out of my shoes, I can hit it nice.  If I start to swing a little too hard, I start to lose it on a straight push right and when I try to absolutely crush the ball I hit this weak little pull/duck hook that will endanger every tree on the left edge of the fairway.  Lesson here?  Don’t swing out your ass.  250 + roll out is fine, fine, fine.

Back to our irregularly scheduled program!


3 responses

  1. “my whole family is here and that’s reason enough to stay.” that made me laugh Brian. Most of us leave because our family is there. 🙂

    April 29, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    • Brian

      I’m really referring to my nuclear family. Some of the fringe elements on the paternal side (my dad was #2 of 15 – hows that for a Borg name?) I do avoid.

      April 30, 2015 at 2:45 pm

  2. Haha, my whole family left here and I stayed, what does this mean?!?

    Sorry to say Indiana sales tax is 7%, our property taxes (over a city acre) are less than a grand a year, and that salad is $9.79 here as well. But we don’t have mountains and sea within decent driving distance, either. Also, everyone thinks we churn our own butter and never leave the farm, so you’ve got that going for you there.
    When I was young, I was so excited to get a high-paying job offer out west. Until my dad explained cost of living. How depressing.

    September 14, 2015 at 1:50 pm

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