Always tweaking something!

Need an interpretation

Sunday afternoon, I saw some odd markings on my thermometer. Sometime around 3PM I went and took a peek at it. What I saw looked like this: 35

Not sure what to make of that. First, there were actually 2 squiggly symbols. This thing: – was also missing. So am I to take it that temperatures here actually crawled ABOVE thawing for a handful of hours Sunday? First time in 32 days.

Then there’s this:

Not a record we're proud about

Not a record we’re proud about

Yeah – we set a record. Several actually. Won’t claim to be proud about it at all. But March is here, and things gotta get better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Bowling last week was, well, interesting. First two games I had two open frames in each. Had a 200 and a 205. Sucks out loud when your only opens are poor spare shots in the 9th and 10th frames. That 200 could easily have been a 230. Third game I had no opens at all. Also only had 2 strikes, not consecutively, so oddly enough, that was my worst game at a whopping 190. For the night I bested my average by 25 pins, but that isn’t the kind of pace I need to get my average up to my target. Ah well. Best to concentrate on having a good time. And? We took 6 of 8 points from the other team so no room for complaining.

Sales guy at work just ran a quote that may end up sending me to Pittsburgh. That’ll be a fun trip. Sorta too close to fly, but still a long drive at 4.5 hours. The fact that I may have to take test equipment with me also makes flying more difficult. So? Potential road trip to Pittsburgh coming up. My outfit also has an office in Aliquippa, so I may swing by there and say hi.

That’s it from Ice Station Rochester. See you soon.


2 responses

  1. For a gal who bowls around 110 on a good day what you think sucks is damn good to me.

    Now if my company was sending me to Aliquippa or Pit that would not constitute a fun trip to me. You’re easy Brian. Gray, cold and snowy, yippee.
    Same ole thing just a long drive to see it.
    If they sent you to Tampa, San Diego or some sunny warm place, now we’re talking fun.

    March 3, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    • Brian

      Yeah – I have a whole different frame of reference on that. One of me brothers typically leads our league in average. While I’m fighting to stay above 190, he’s cruising in at 237. His average 3 game series is higher than any 3 game series that I’ve ever bowled. Humbling.

      Far as the business trip – my outfit is set up regionally so we get to cover a fair chunk of the northeast. Depending on engineer availability, we’ve been to places like to Lansing Michigan, most of PA, lots of trips in upstate NY. On a stretch we sent a guy to Va, but that’s rare. The odds of me getting to someplace nice are less than slim to none. If I do go to Pittsburgh/Aliquippa, I’m hoping I can maybe catch a Pirates game some evening.

      March 4, 2015 at 12:37 pm

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