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It’s True!

Sad – but true.

I did some digging last night, then paid attention to the 11:00 news. Get this: On Feb 11 our local temp got up to 32 degrees twice that afternoon. Not over, but up to. Going back, the last time we were ABOVE 32 was Jan. 27 when we hit a whopping 37.

Looking ahead, we are now not predicted to exceed “thawing” until, well, we’re not. The forecast only goes out to March 7 and the weather prognosticators are hoping we’ll get to 31 on consecutive days in the middle of next week. If I have my arithmetic right, that will be 39 straight days (at a minimum) below freezing. That’s just what I dug up on a local weather almanac site.

Local news weather guy laid this on us last night. This February’s average temperature (I think averaged hourly readings) has been 12.3 degrees. That makes this the coldest February in the history of ever, or since 1884 when those types of records were kept, by almost 0.5 degrees.

For the last 3 days the average of the high and low temps will be 7, 6.5 and 13.5, meaning that the overall average temp for the month is likely to drop ever so slightly. Yay. We set a record. Now ask Mother Nature to cut it out. The folks up in Caribou, ME or International Falls, MN might be used to this kind of stuff but even we hardy north-easterners have our limits. Hope this isn’t hurting the golf courses.

If I’m doing the arithmetic right again, we have only 7 weeks of bowling left. My highest ever full season average is 196. After last week, I’m sitting at 190. My pre-season goal was to try and match that prior high average. But to pick up 6 pins of average this late in the season, I’d need to beat my average by 50 pins or so a week – meaning I’d have to shoot about 207 – 212 average for the last 7 weeks. Not impossible, but certainly a challenge. In 8 hours, we’ll see if I’m up to it.

Christening coming up for grand daughter #2 (Cecily) next week. I’m sure there will be pictures a plenty coming out of that. Should have the whole fandamily together, we’ll have to see what kind of group effort we can put together.

Better run, got 3 clients that would really like to see some finalized reports this week. I’d like to get them off my plate too, because there’s 3 more behind them. Good to be busy . . .


2 responses

  1. I saw on the news last night that Rochester hasn’t had this kind of cold or long of winter in over 100 years. Wow.

    We closed everything in this neck of the woods because we got an inch of snow.
    Big ole P-ies!! ridiculous.

    February 26, 2015 at 10:37 am

    • Brian

      Yeah, it’s been a baaaaaad month. Not tons of snow by our standards, but it hasn’t had a chance to melt. Yet. Gonna be an interesting spring. You being from the snow belt must be laughing at your locales reaction to a flake or two.

      February 26, 2015 at 8:04 pm

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