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If March is going to come in like a lion

He’d better be packing a parka and muk-muks. I’d really love to go back and look at the records, but this MIGHT be the first February on record where we’ve never seen a temperature above the thawing mark. The odds of us seeing anything above 32 in the near future? Check these out:

What we're looking at through the weekend

What we’re looking at through the weekend

and into next week.

and into next week.

That one, oh so brief respite? March 1st. Two days ago the forecasters were hoping for as high as 37 (woo-hoo!) but they’ve apparently tempered their enthusiasm some what.

The sad part? Looks like we’re in for at least another 6 inches of snow next week. Not a surprise in these parts, we’ve had back to back 24 inch snow falls in March here. Even had 10 inches one Mothers Day (and BOY, was THAT a mother!)

Only 4 or 5 weeks of bowling left and my mind is already starting to turn to golf – but a couple feet of snow in the fairways goes a loooong ways towards squelching that. Some years you can sneak out in early April or even March and get in some warmer upper rounds. But this year the courses may need time to dry out. NOT a good thing with Spring Fever starting to kick in. I guess I can hang out on the roof and hack at the icicles and ice dams I’ve got. If I fall, there’s plenty of padding to fall into. Might even be fun.


4 responses

  1. okay my turn to whine. You know what is sad about all this. My temps are a degree more on any given day and I live in the south. We too are getting more @#$! snow and it’s going to get colder.
    Colder? Jeez, it was -1 (not wind chill – real temp) when I was walking my dog this morning. It is that damn cold. I have had enough. Normally by my birthday the daffodils are up (3-4) the crocus are up and gone etc. This is nuts.
    I left the tundra and moved south – why again?

    Okay I’m done bitching now. 🙂

    February 24, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    • Brian

      Only a degree warmer? That ain’t fair! Figured you’d be a good 5 degrees higher. This HAS been one nasty winter.

      February 24, 2015 at 6:36 pm

  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Should I feel guilty that I actually have been turning on my air conditioning at night?!

    February 24, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    • Brian

      Yes, you should. I can send you an apparently unending supply of cold air if you like 🙂

      February 24, 2015 at 6:38 pm

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