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Caught a teeny bit of the Tom Brady interview re: 11 of 12 balls being a little soft during the AFC championship game. No sound (was at the bowling alley) but I did notice that one of the ads scrolling on the screen behind him was sponsored by Gillette (his team owners company). The product they were pushing? The Gillette Flexball razor. Now THAT’s irony.

That’s too many times Belicheck’s (if I spelled it wrong, I don’t care.  I have that little respect for the guy) team has been implicated in actions detrimental to the integrity of the game. Whether he has knowledge of the actions or not – as head coach he (and the whole chain of command between him and the guy that takes care of the football) must be held accountable.

In “Bountygate” Sean Payton was suspended for a year, his defensive coordinator was banned for life.  There were other penalties against the Saints organization as well. That’s the minimum that should happen to Belicheck and his chain of command.  The commissioner kinda set a precedent there.

Sadly, the Patriots won’t be disqualified from the Super Bowl. Playing with doctored footballs didn’t win them the game. But the fact that they did doctor the balls to give themselves an edge in their most important game of the season to date – well, it just demonstrated their lack of respect for the integrity of the game.

Not really a fan of Pete Carrol either, but I hope his Seahawks beat the crap out of Particheats (Cheatriots?) next week.

They forgot it’s a game.


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  1. excellent points here. I passed this on to a football fanatic friend of mine. I saw where a Seahawk was threatened to not be able to play if he wore gold cleats. (are they cleats in football?) That is obviously way more important than cheating according to the NFL. Holy shit that is crazy. Not a fan of football in any way but at least this wasn’t another guy beating up his significant other or killing someone.
    You know like we needed another reason to hate Tom Brady.
    (Not a fan of any team in Boston sorry)

    January 23, 2015 at 9:09 am

    • Brian

      The only Boston team I root for is the Red Sox and that’s mostly because I intensely dislike the Yankthese. Usually, when asked what my favorite baseball team is I ask “Who are the Yankees playing?”

      Sometimes they use cleats in football. Usually just on real grass. On artificial turf it can vary. But it’s amazing how the league office can go all Nazi about the color of a players shoes, then have no opinion what so ever on how those footballs got deflated. Priority issues much?

      January 23, 2015 at 10:01 am

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