Always tweaking something!

Testing, testing . . .

Day 3804

I’ll be blunt.

Holy shit!  It’s been like forever.

A couple of posts ago (about 9 months) I mentioned that it was time for me to get back on the FitDay train.

Well, I did. It can be tedious, recording every morsel one consumes in a day.  But it helps me to be accountable to myself on just what I AM eating in a day.  Those calories are insidious little things.  They sneak up out of no where and latch on to the inside of your belt, making everything seem tighter.  So far so good though.  Down 4 lbs in 4 weeks.  If I could ratchet up the exercise I could trim another 1/2 lb a week, but job demands just suck the life out of the week.

Wasn’t bad before, I worked right across the street from my YMCA.  I could hang at work till 5:30 then wander over and take in a spin class.  But we’ve moved.  My little 4 mile, 10 minute commute (12 in a blizzard) has transformed into a 30 minute, 23 mile trudge across the county to our ‘new to us’ facility.  Best EMC chamber on the east coast, but the product safety lab is definitely still a work in progress.  Probably will be forever, given the warehouse like condition of the area we have to work with.  So, the YMCA membership is cancelled.  I stay up too late working on things to get up early enough to hit the morning work out routines, get out of work too late to hit the evening ones.  Slowly breaking myself in to using a tread climber at home, but that’s a habit I am finding hard to instill.  I shall persist.

Spring time (in about 23 months!) wI’ll break out the bikes and start having some fun workouts.

In real news, we’ve added 2 grand kids to the mix.  Firstest grandson Logan was born September 5th, the second (and last) kiddo for Zach & JIll.  Then their cousin Cecily Ann was born Sept 9th.  Everybody is doing fine and the kids are growing like weeds.  The requisite pics:



Here’s all 3 – Avery across the top (3 yrs), Logan vertical on the left (2.5 mos) and Cecily kinda snoozing on the right (4 DAYS younger than Logan)



uncle eric avery logan

Uncle Eric with Avery & Logan (in MY chair!!)

Avery_Cecily Tday 2014

Avery holding Cecily

Cecily snoozing

Cecily snoozing, again


What else has changed since I was last here?   We got a camper, little teeny Starcraft that theoretically can sleep 4, but you have to be VERY good friends.  Already thinking about trading up one size to one with a better floor plan.  We’ll see.

Traded in my mini SUV to get a truck that can tow the trailer too.  Know what happens when your used to a 170 horsepower mini suv and you step up to a 300 horsepower truck?  You get tickets to the policemens ball, that’s what.  Got my first ticket TWO DAYS after I picked up the truck.  60 in a 40 on the expressway passing through downtown.  I kinda stepped on the gas to pass a slowpoke and went from 40 to 60 before I knew what hit me.  Of course, I popped up over a little rise just as I settled into the left lane and you can guess what I saw hanging out in a wide spot in the breakdown lane.  One of NY States finest.  All hot to trot to give me a ticket.  Oddly enough, that one is still pending.  The trooper couldn’t make the first court date due to some other trial he had to testify in, so my new court date has been moved to March 18, 8 months after the ticket was issued.  I’m going to read up on the 6th amendment and see what’s considered a “speedy trial”.

About 6 weeks later I got another one (52 in a 35) taking a short cut to bowling.  That was a local cop, I live in his town, he wrote me up fora 2 point failure to obey a traffic device, rather than the 4 point speeding ticket I’d earned.  I just plead guilty one that one and paid it.  Oddly enough, I wasn’t late for bowling after that either.  But I did find a new short cut.

Some of you know I’m up here in the snow belt.   while areas south of Buffalo were getting buried under up to 7 feet of snow, we missed the worst of it and soldiered on through about 18 inches total.  No – we did not miss any work days, and only schools in the worst hit areas had snow days.  We were fortunate in the timing of the snow.  The drive home was a cast iron bitch, but the worst was over by morning and our stellar road crews did their usual bang up job of getting the roads ready.  Y’all want some good plow crews, pay taxes like we do.  It would boggle your minds what some of the larger towns in the area pay for snow removal. (6 figures for sure, 7 in the larger towns)  We’ve paid for the right to laugh at southern cities that shut down for 2 inches of snow.   Heck, our trucks might not even go out for that little bit.  The residual salt takes care of most of that.


Aaaaaanyhow.  Better go file some reports before my clients take their pound of flesh out of my tender southern bits.

Peace Y’all.



One response

  1. Your grandchildren are yummy! God how I love the idea of grandparenting. 🙂

    Yes, we too have exercise machines that are great clothes racks. Why is it so difficult to do at home is what I wanna know?

    And dieting sucks. you can gain 5lbs over a weekend so why the hell can’t you lose it over a weekend if you are dieting? That falls under the category my mother called, “Lifes not fair, deal with it”

    I’m trying to learn to meditate. Harder than dieting.

    January 21, 2015 at 1:50 pm

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