Always tweaking something!

Some fast updates

Had a very nice Easter weekend. Might even remember this formula: Have “Easter Dinner” the Saturday before. Odds are better the whole fandamily will make it. We booked it to Syracuse to hang with Eric & Kelly, Zach and Jill made the trip and Kelly’s whole family was treated to a day of fun with Little Avery. I guarantee she had more energy than any 3 of the adults combined.

Having Dinner on Saturday freed up Sunday for: wait for it . . .


Eric and I got out for a round with his father-in-law and uncle-in-law. It was a gorgeous day for mid-April by upstate New York standards. Early partly sunny conditions and 50ish degrees just before tee time improved to mid 60’s and sunny by the time we finished. We played a rather challenging course (high slope rating – 128) and I managed to shoot a score consistent with my handicap on a slightly less challenging course I know very well. It was the new driver, I swear.

In baby news, we have updates as well. Zach and Jill have confirmed that their new young one will be a boy. That gives them the worlds cutest little girl, Avery, and his soon to be new brother. They appear to be ready to shut down the baby making machine after this one since they’ll have a “complete set”.

Eric & Kelly were in for her ultrasound today and also found out the gender of their new one. They both thought for some reason they were having a boy. Guess what? Not gonna happen this time. They will also be having a little girl for their first child. Only question for is will she be a blond or a red head? Blue eyes are guaranteed what with Eric being a blue eyed blond and Kelly being a blue eyed red-head.

Looking forward to September. Baby boy due in the early part of the month, baby girl coming sometime mid-month. Or whenever they are ready – we all know how THAT goes.


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