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Blizzard? What blizzard?

Yeah, so the blizzard of 2014 came and went. I scooted home early from work, then sat at home logged on to the corporate server plugging away at my report writing. There are decided benefits to working in a basement and being unaware of the goings on in the great outdoors. Can’t count the number of times I looked out the window and thought “wow – I can’t even see the trees across the street!”.

Ended up doing my own driveway twice, did my neighbors twice too. They were away on vacation and it just seems to me that an unplowed driveway says “hey look here, no one home, come on in and steal everything!”

Neighbor on the other side of me had an 80 foot tall black cherry tree crack about 10 feet up. It fell over and got caught on another tree, so there was no immediate damage. But with 30mph winds, gusts to 50 and the fact that everything was leaning towards his other neighbors house, he wanted to get it down under some semblance of control. Turns out the other neighbor is an arborist and specializes in just that kind of work, so he spent a few hours up in the tree trimming and dropping branches. Eventually got the whole thing down and kept it out of his kitchen. No – I didn’t go watch. Way too cold to make that a spectator sport.

All told we ended up with 16 inches of snow in the 24 hour span of the storm. Most businesses closed early Wednesday during the snow (even the local malls shut down at noon), the snow slacked off by midnight and by Thursday morning things were pretty much back to normal. Our plow crews did their typical top notch job and we all got to go about business as usual.

No news on the pending grandchild glut. Both gals are chugging along growing their babies. Just don’t have confirmation that Kelly is for sure having only one. With twins on both side of my family, in every generation currently living, it is a small concern. However considering that my family is contributing on the male side of the equation, seems like there might be less influence. I don’t know for certain, but I would think it is the egg bearer that determines that kinda stuff. Maybe Google knows.


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  1. well i learned something new today!
    I did not know that identical twins came from the mothers side of the family.
    I did know that fraternal twins are just an egg that splits so it can’t be a family ‘thing”
    And who says me reading blogs at my lunch hour is wasting time? 🙂

    March 14, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    • Brian

      Now see – I thought the opposite. I figured that fraternal twins were from separate eggs, hence the non-identical bit with the separate amniotic sacs and maternal twins would be from that egg that did the funky split at some point and doubled down inside a single amniotic sac.

      I don’t know that for certain tho. I DO know that the twins in my family are all non-identical – be they from one a one egg omelet or two.

      March 17, 2014 at 11:30 am

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