Always tweaking something!

They shut down work!

Guess the National Weather Service bulletins made an impression on the corporate bigwigs back in Massachusetts.   We got the high sign to head for home.  If we can work from home – fine, if not then take it as a 1/2 day vacation.


This is what the roads look like near where I’ll have to drive:



That’s a traffic cam shot of the lovely I-390/Ridgeway Ave intersection just a few miles north of my house.  The roads themselves aren’t so bad, yet, but I guess the winds are up around 30mph and the snow is coming down 1 – 2 inches per hour.

I have reports to write & upload and frankly, I can do that from the comfort of my own living room just as well as I can do it sitting at my desk.  Plus?   There’s a re-purposed table & 6 chairs in my bay of the garage and I’d really like to get them in the basement so I can park my beast in the garage tonight.

For something completely different – we smoked a couple of whole chickens a couple weeks ago.  Sent some home with the kids and put some in the freezer for ourselves.  Finally figured out what to do with the leftovers.  Saw a recipe for  Cajun Turkey Pot Pies at Simply Recipes. Only had to make a few subs. Instead of actually making the crust, I got prepared crust. Of course I subbed my smoked chicken for the turkey (had lots of thigh meat too – yum!). Oh – I did omit the jalapenos the first time through too. (Odd – I normally am quite the chili head and don’t consider jalapenos hot at all) Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. I have to say – they were fantastic. Absolutely NOT your mothers chicken pot pies. More like chicken gumbo pot pies. Next time (there WILL BE a next time) I might add andouille sausage or maybe I’ll dry some jalapenos in the smoker and use that (yeah, kinda like a chipotle, but home made). I did sacrifice a very nice bottle of dark beer (Great Lakes “Edmund Fitzgerald” if you must know), but it added such a depth of flavor and no beer taste at all.

I have one pie left over and I’m having it for lunch today. Can’t wait. So I’m going to do what the corporate bosses say and go work from home. Write reports, upload stuff and maybe varnish some moldings for the basement. Oh – I owe you pictures of that progress. Maybe next time.



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