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Put up or shut up time

Well, it appears that winter storm Vulcan is on it’s way to the Great Lakes area.  We look to be in for maybe a whole inch of snow Tuesday night, then 8 – 12 inches during the day Wednesday and another 4 – 8 Wednesday night, so maybe  12 – 20 inches total?

Getting to work in the morning will be a breeze.  That 4.1 mile commute home will be fun though.  I see much driveway snow blowing in the future too.  Ought to be a blast with the 20 – 30 mph winds.  I think most schools are anticipating at least closing closing early if they open at all.  Might have to see Detroit & Cleveland get overnight before they commit.  But work?  We won’t be shutting down.  Not a chance.

It’s about time we got some significant snow here too.  Poor folks down south have been getting pounded and we get our 3 here, 4 there and somehow have accumulated 86 inches of snow for the winter.  (Not on the ground now, just total snowfall)  Tomorrow’s little blast ought to get us to 100, our long term average snowfall for the season.

Speaking of averages, after last weeks pre-game bowling hype, know how I bowled?  Very average.  First game 2 pins under avg.  Second game 1 pin under avg.  Third game 4 pins under avg.  Total – 7 pins under.  So much for trying to get 20 something pins over.  Now I need at least 35 pins over this week.  Next week is the final week of the season where we bowl a position round and have our singles tournament.  Team wise we are hovering in the middle of the pack, just trying to maintain more wins than losses and barely making it at 106 & 102.  Might have to switch back to argyle socks, the T. Rex socks just didn’t have it last week.  Maybe my purple argyle socks with a nice purple polo shirt.  Could be the new power combo.

Two grandkids coming in September.  Still can’t get over THAT one.


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  1. You know why it’s snowing up there? Because I have to visit my family on Lake Erie that’s why. We have FINALLY gotten spring down here after the coldest winter and snow on record.I think I’m being punished. They have had over 124 inches of snow.
    i’m off to the tundra and I’m not happy.
    They can’t seem to have these family events over that 1 week in summer they actually get warm weather. 🙂

    March 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm

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