Always tweaking something!

Bowling pre-game

Had a better than average week last week at the ol’ bowling lanes. First game looked like this:

9/  X     X      X      X     X       X        X      X      X 9/
20 50  80  110  140 170  200  230  259  279

Yup, spare in the first, then a 9 strike string followed by another 9/. Sadly, the next two games did not follow a similar pattern. I did end up 76 pins over my average for the 3 game set. My original goal this season was to equal the average I had before my arm blew out – 186. Now though, I’ve had to revise that goal to something more challenging. So the new goal is to get the average over 190. I’m sitting at 189.1 right now and we have 3 weeks of bowling left. Somehow between now and the end of March, I need to accumulate another 76 or so pins above my average to get there,

That quest begins tonight.

On the grandkiddie front – all the kids have made their own announcements to the whole fandamily so everybody is up to speed. We go from 1 precious, precocious little granddaughter one month to having 3 precious, precocious little grandkids the next month. Christmas is going to be a blast this year – Avery will be 3+ and fully up to speed on things, the the daughters-in-law will be tag-teaming the rocking chair in the spare bedroom getting their nursing in while the rest of us get to fawn over the wee ones.

It’s like my mother-in-law said once – “I wish we got to have the grand kids first. They’re so much more enjoyable than having your own kids!” Or something like that. I think she meant something more like they were more enjoyable because you are more aware of how much they change from week to week, as opposed to being with them 24/7 and not picking up on all that they learn.

Like when CIndy was reprimanding Z & J’s dog the other day. She muttered “God damn it Ollie, stay down”. Heh. Guess who was spreading god damn it all over the house the rest of the day? Had to have a little talk with Avery and let her know that was something she shouldn’t be saying. OF course, she cut one loose as soon as her mom (Jill) walked through the door. Timing is everything.

In other news – our newest family member is adjusting very well. Mr. Diesel is still a little skittish, but he absolutely loves being petted – under his own terms. Still won’t let you get closer than a couple feet when you’re walking, but it’s way better than when he’d head all the way upstairs if you got up off the couch. He has also discovered “Cat TV”. We have a bird feeder hanging right in front of the living room windows. He can sit on the back of the couch and be about 2 feet away from the finches, cardinals, flickers and LBJ’s that frequent the feeder. (LBJ = little brown jobber – those house finch or sparrowy things). Mesmerising to him. I’m tempted to pull the shades so he’ll go do something else during the day. As soon as the sun is up he’s watching. Pretty good life I’d say.

Lunch is over – back to the grind. Gotta fine 76 extra pins somewhere. Soon.


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