Always tweaking something!

When it rains . . .

September is going to be utter chaos around here.

We were worried about Zach & Jill breaking the news to Eric & Kelly that they have bun #2 in the oven, seeing as Eric & Kelly were actively “not avoiding” pregnancy.


When Jill told Kelly she was preggers, Kelly got to share “Oh, then you’re only about 2 weeks ahead of me”

Yeah.  Today, one grand daughter.  Even come August, 1 grand daughter.  Come September?  THREE grand kiddies.  Unless Kelly pops out twins.  Still don’t know that.  Jill is for sure got just 1 percolating.  Kelly is having her first ultrasound this week.

Thought it was chaotic with 7 of us here today.   WRONG!


Oh – on a separate note – ref’s called a terribly inconsistent came today in the Syracuse/Duke matchup and the imbalance was heavily in favor of Duke.  That charging call at the end was terrible.  That’s no excuse for Boeheim’s reaction, but the call sucked, especially in light of the one Parker got against Gbinije about 5 minutes prior on the same type of play.  Syracuse got  shafted on both calls.


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