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It’s more or less official

Tomorrow (Friday) a little teeny tiny black kitty by the name of “Diesel” will be introduced to our home.   The foster mom is going to bring him over in the morning, let him hang out for a few days and see how everybody adapts to each other.

It’s a bit of a trial by fire for the little Diesel.  Eric & Kelly are coming in for the weekend bringing their pup Dexter, an 80 pound sheperd/boxer/husky mix that thinks everything is a toy.  Fortunately Dexter also lives with a cat, so if Diesel hauls off and claws him in the nose, he’s already used to that.

We’re expecting things to go just fine overall.  Diesel is currently being fostered with his brother, and the foster house has cats & a big dog around too, so he should be learning some socializing skills.  After a weekend with Dexter, he ought to be ready for anything.

Here’s a couple of shots from the adoption site:

5 month old male kitten looking for a home.

5 month old male kitten looking for a home.

Diesel n Walker

Diesel (left) and his brother Walker.

No, we’re not adopting both.  Yet.  Time will tell.

Rumor has it Diesel is susceptible to bribing with turkey lunch meat.   So much for cold cuts for lunches at work, eh?

If I get lucky this weekend I might  get a picture of Diesel trying to charm out little Avery (or vice versa).  Yeah, I’ll share.  That little Avery is putting more and more words together – like “mommy, you go upstairs and change your clothes” which she spouted one night after Jill got home from work.  IT’s amazing how quickly they build on their base of knowledge.  When the boys were growing up I was much less aware of the changes, probably because I was living them minute by minute.  Avery I get to see on a weekly basis and the changes 7 days can bring are astounding.  To think there’s another one on the way!!

Oh – Bowling tonight too.  So far this season I’m keeping just a hair ahead of where I ended the season before my arm issues.  So far looks like the surgery is doing fine for my biceps, but it hasn’t turned my into a pro bowler.  Does seemed to have helped golf though.  No, I won’t be debuting on the Champions Tour anytime soon.  I DO have a new driver on the way to me though – can’t wait to get to the driving range and have all my hopes of hitting 280 yard drives that fly straight as an arrow shattered within the first ten swings.  (We’re calling that optimism tempered by reality and age).  Although honestly?  I do hit a few of those dream drives with my current gear – I’m just hoping to be more consistent with a club that’s designed to be more forgiving.  WE’ll see just how much forgiveness I need.


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  1. Happy to see you back in the game, dude!! (writing, bowling, golfing…), and that your surgery and healing is going well. Congrats on all your new additions!

    February 22, 2014 at 6:47 am

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