Always tweaking something!


We’re jumping into the “adopt a kitty” circus. Seems it’s almost as hard to adopt a cat as it is to adopt a human. I am DYING to just toss out the line “but we’re not looking to get it so we can feed our pet Boa!”, but I don’t think that will fly so well with the “adoption coordinator”.

Used to be you just went to the pound, got to know a few of the critters and said, “this one!” and you signed a few papers, got a license (if it was a dog), wrote a check and you were gone.

Now? Check the local listings. See if likely candidates are at a pet store or being fostered. Apply for a particular pet. Divulge your entire life’s history as it pertains to pets. (I have 30 fish currently semi frozen in a pond in the back yard – are they pets?). Wait AAAaallllll weekend for contact from the adoption coordinator. Get an email, respond in <20 minutes. Get a response back from them in oh, 24 hours. A few rounds of ping pong go by and you might be getting set up to meet the fosters (Meet the parents).

That’s where we are now. The spousal unit is home this week, so I’ve transferred control over to her. That both good and bad. Good in that I am free from having to respond to the coordinator and can get to work. Bad in that I don’t know what’s happening and I can get any work done. So I’m typing here instead. Wise move, right?



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