Always tweaking something!

I’ll leak it here first

It starts like this — we were at the kids house way the heck back on Jan 26. (We’ve been there since, of course, but that’s not important now). As we walk in and get settled, we notice the little munchkin (that 26 month old Energizer Bunny) is wearing a new shirt. Not unusual, 2 year old kids go through a metric ton of clothes. What was odd was what was ON the shirt.

“Best big sister ever”

Took a minute for that to sink in. I’m sure you understand. Jill figured she was 7 weeks along. We’ve been sworn to secrecy until Jill was 9 weeks in. She had her first ultrasound 4 days after she told us and found out that she was actually 9 weeks into it already. That was 2 weeks ago. THEN we were sworn to secrecy AGAIN until Zach & Jill had a chance to tell Eric & Kelly. Seems Eric & Kelly are at least thinking about being in “lets try to get preggers” mode. Jill wanted to make sure that the two of them (Eric & Kel) heard the news from them (Zach & Jill) first hand and not through Facebook or from some third party. But with Eric & Kel’s work schedule (mostly Erics) it can be difficult to gather the clan for a sit down.

But that finally happened Monday evening, Eric & Kel are looking forward to adding to their niece and/or nephew collection and weren’t at all bothered by the fact that Z & J were going to pop out #2 before they got #1 in the oven.

So it’s official. The munchkin is going to be the best big sister ever, and come September, we will have grand kiddie #2 to dote over and spoil absolutely rotten. And I can finally tell my brothers at bowling tomorrow night. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled at adding to their great niece/nephew collection too.

No gender info yet – possibly no gender info until birth + 2 seconds or so. I kinda like it that way. Not like it matters, you just want healthy kids. 10 fingers, 10 toes, functioning systems. Get the basics covered, newborns don’t really care if they’re wearing blue or pink. That’s what they make green & yellow for, right?

Two grandkids next Christmas. Sheesh!

Eric & Kelly still have time!! My parents were born Feb 22, I was born Dec. 18. Do the math – there isn’t much of a gap there!


2 responses

  1. Congrats, Gramps!

    February 12, 2014 at 9:35 pm

  2. Brian

    Chasing after just one little Avery wears me out. Can’t imaging getting after two of them in a couple of years!

    February 18, 2014 at 10:31 am

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