Always tweaking something!

Finally, Winter

You know it’s been cold when you look at the dashboard of your truck, see a double digit number for the outdoor temp and think “Finally warming up a bit!”

Also – for the first time in a couple of years, the waterfalls on the pond froze.  This forces the water to fall further upstream and it doesn’t necessarily return to the pond.  Doesn’t take long for the pond level to get so low that the pump isn’t pumping.  Had to shut it down last night, and I really can’t do anything to fix it until we get a day or two of above freezing weather.  That would be above freezing for water, not alcohol.


Had bowling round #2 last night too.  Got brave stupid and tried to start out with a 14 pound ball.  Two frame in and I understood that it was just too heavy, so I switched to a 13 pounder for a bit.  Ended up throwing a 172 that first game – same as I bowled last week.  For the second game, I switched to the 14 pound ball.  It was much better throwing that one after having warmed up a wee bit.  Result?  181 with I think 2 open frames.  Got brave stupid again and started to bowl a third game. No progress if you don’t push the limits, right?  Had a very nice game.  No opens but only 1 strike resulting in a 190.  Averaged 181 for the night which is a little under last years average, but all things considered, I’ll take it.  

Next week I think I’ll see how it goes starting with a 14 and be prepared to drop to a 13 to warm up.  By the third game, I want to try a 15 pound ball but be prepared to drop back if the arm gets tweaky.  Eventually, I’ll work up to using a 15 pound ball start to finish.  Then I’ll switch to my own ball.  With the extra torque of the fingertip grip, it’ll still be a grind till my arm strength gets back to where it was.  At least it’s progressing.


Happy to add that my arm feels fine today, but my left hip flexor is feeling a little sore.  Not used to the slide.  That’s a bit of weight to support on one leg in a deep knee bend.  SO out of shape!


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