Always tweaking something!

Let the Bowling Begin!

Day 3072

This past Thursday I actually got my butt out bowling. Had to wait till the leagues wrapped up, but I got some shots in. Used a 12lb house ball that didn’t really fit too well, but it was the closest I could get. Once I figured out how to grip & throw the ball, things went pretty well. I purposely modified my approach to try and slow down some. That seemed to work through the first game, but old habits (and throwing techniques apparently) die hard.

Scores? 172, 174. Missed my average by 15 – 18 pins, but with a 12 lb ball? I’ll take it. Best part was my arm felt good that night and also felt fine the next morning. Next week? 2 games with a 13 lb ball. I’ll increment a pound a week up to 15 pounds using a conventional grip house ball. Once I’m at 15 lbs, I’ll work up to 3 or 4 games. THEN I’ll switch back to my finger-tip grip ball and see how that goes. The finger-tip grip allows you to put more torque on the ball, but it puts quite a load on your fore arm & bicep. I want to sneak up on this puppy – while also remodeling the basement – all sorts of exercise activities around!

Speaking of re-modeling – I have to go re-paint a ceiling and do some wall touch-ups. More exercise!

Oh – the last two spin classes have thoroughly kicked my ass. Felt SO good!


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