Always tweaking something!


Day 3056

Not that this is a resolution or anything, but I have got myself the new version of FitDay and am hopping back on the get my ass back to fit wagon. I’ve used the new job(s) and my arm injury as excuses to get lazy. I need to cut that shit out.

Cindy is also doing her own tracking program and is being more diligent about exercise. We’ll see how honest she is about logging what she consumes. Somehow I think she still believes the afternoon/evening toddies are calorie free.

It’ll be interesting when I get back down under the Clydesdale biking category (<200lb). I’m curious as to where she’ll be. I’m taking bets, if anyone dares. My own goal? <190 by Aug 15 (our 32nd anniversary) Considering Tour de Cure again this year, but it is difficult to train for a 100 miler as early as June in these parts. Can’t really comfortably ride outside till April, and spinning just isn’t the same. Makes me slightly jealous of all my southern compadres!

Oh!!  I’m now comfortable up to 20 reps of 10 lb curls.  I’m going to get myself a 12 lb dumbell and work to get to 20 reps of that.  Then?  I can start tossing a 12 lb bowling ball.  Possibly overhand.  But I’m thinking maybe the 12th or 13th of January to start working on the bowling again.  Might even go hit the golf dome and hit a bucket of balls with some short irons.  All good for the fitness regimen too!


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