Always tweaking something!

Potter or Zorro?

Day 2985

Maybe it’s me, but today my Harry Potter/Zorro slash seems angry.

Is that an angry purple?

Could be pissed about all the 1 pound curls and 1 pound rotations it had to do this morning. Such a work load! At least my PT therapist, Kim, adjusted the gripper squeezy things up a level. I could crush you with my grip, but I can’t (shouldn’t) lift 2 pounds. Weird space to be in.

Of course, now that I am free of the brace & sock, I get to stare at it all the time. Can’t imaging throwing a bowling ball with quite the same vigor ever again.

Oh – the Direct TV guy is supposed to be out this afternoon. Looks like the DVR thingy is in the process of shitting the bed. Hoping to talk him into just replacing the damn thing. Sucks when you have to go through the whole tuning process every time you want to turn it on. Sucks more when it just drops into reset (and tuning mode) right in the middle of NCIS too. I get to work from home a bit while I wait for them to figure it out.

Work beckons, I’m only 2 reports behind and completely turned around sniffing down old certificates. Time to go dig.


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