Always tweaking something!

Number 6

Day 2966

Number 6 as in that’s how many ear infections I’ve had this year. Lets count them:

#1 – In Cancun in January, probably from snorkeling. Thank heavens for being able to get antibiotic ear drops over the counter there. Cleared up before the flight home. That was the right ear.

#2 – March-ish. Probably from slipping underwater in the hot tub. Used my Mexican ear drops again. Right ear, again.

#3 – April. Hot tub again. Went to see the doctor, got a script for American ear drops. Again, right ear.

#4 – September. Felt it start up the day of my arm surgery. Left ear this time. Ear drops again sufficed.

#5 – Last week. Right ear, just a quickie, ear drops wiped it out quick. Oddly enough it was a day or two after I got my left ear irrigated. It got plugged up with hair, ceruman and flaky shit left over from the previous weeks ear infection. I saw what the nurse washed out of my ear. Surprised there wasn’t a boot in there.

#6 – Now. Unlike the previous 5 that were “swimmers ear” this one morphed into full fledged “otitis media”. Doc looked inside my ear and started writing the prescription immediately. Left ear again. Maybe that previous infection never went away? We fly to New Orleans in the morning!! I have ethyl-methyl-deadly-shit antibiotics and a box of sudafeds. Going to do everything I can to dry up this ear before we fly. Right now it’s so plugged I can’t hear squat on that side. That really sucks when your going someplace known for the sheer volume & quality of music on hand.

Neat party trick – if I hold my nose tight and blow, I can send fluid up my left Eustacian tube and out my ear. I’ve drenched a couple kleenexes with this bit of fun.

In good news, my arm is moving along slightly ahead of schedule. The flexibility is coming back quicker than the PT gal expects. I’ve advanced to doing pronation/supination exercises with a soup ladle instead of empty handed, so we’re working in the rudimentary strength stuff. She also loaded me up with enough ortho sox to last through the trip.

Here’s immediately after stitches were pulled:

13-ish stitches out. I had anticipated only the cut along the creases of my inner elbow. The two running up & down my arm were for a fishing expedition. Had to go find the tattered remains of my tendon.

And here’s surgery + 22 (stitches out +12):

Some of Zorro’s early work. The crease of my elbow is just to the right (up my arm) of the cut that runs across the arm. Big freakin lump under that thing too.

I get to take my splint off at my desk, and I’ve been taking it off to eat (SO much easier!). Still wear it at night because you just never know what kind of stupid stunts your arm is going to pull when you’re not paying attention. I am still under strict orders to not straighten it out fully. So? HAve to put up with a little nuisance when sleeping. Beats the hell out of going through the surgery again.

Maybe I’ll drop in with a quickie post from NOLA – tease you with the good music & better food.


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  1. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    October 6, 2012 at 7:29 am

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