Always tweaking something!

The Hammer

Day 2958
I promise, no pictures of my new scars this time. But I gotta admit – I am amazed by the amount of scar tissue (or something) already built up under the skin adjacent to the incision. I have instructions to massage it 3 – 4 times a day and I get ultrasound treatments on it too. Still a surprise. It feels weird to touch it too. The contours are all wrong. There is clearly some work to be done.

About this hammer. The building in which I work was built in the 60’s. My outfit leases space in the basement where the original owner had their EMC test facilities. The building is heated with an industrial sized steam system. Can’t really guess the size of the building – 2 floors, each 500’ x 500’ maybe? Plus at least a partial basement. Back in the day, several thousand people worked in this building testing cameras, film processors, copiers, – much of the “apparatus” Kodak made. In downsizing, Kodak sold off this facility (this building is about the 3rd largest in a 14+ building complex with literally millions of square feet of space) and since, smaller outfits have been leasing bits & pieces of the space.

We have a new tenant above us. Some government contracting, sooper seekrit stuff. We lost our nice lobby. We lost our cushy parking spaces. We are about to lose our minds as well. Every three-ish seconds there is a loud BANG, almost like a gunshot would sound from a hundred or so feet away. With a lot more bass in it. Actually it sounds a lot like someone banging on iron drain pipes with a sledge hammer, and the pipes reverberate all over the building. Every 3 seconds. We’ve called the landlord, he sends a crew down THE NEXT DAY, they fiddle fart around with something and the BANGING stops. For a bit. They’ve “fixed” it twice once last week and once this week. The BANGING was back again this morning. It disappeared for a few minutes this morning, but returned with a vengence.

I have clients asking for test reports, but honestly? I’m having trouble concentrating on anything with that banging, pounding, thumping happening every 3 seconds. What the hell did they change last week to make this happen?

If I trusted myself better, I’d go home and work there. Alas, I know better. I’d end up doing some stupid stuff and not be any more productive than I am now.

IN completely unrelated news, my physical therapist was MUCH better about keeping her boob out of my hand yesterday. I was also absolutely focused on looking her in the eye when she was talking (or was even in my line of sight). For a woman in her 40’s she’s in great shape.


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