Always tweaking something!

T-3 to Surgery

Day 2941
Stealing Sunday. Stolen, of course because I’m in a hurry. And building up a ton of anxiety.

46. What are your LEGAL initials? BKR. Go ahead, guess

47. Who’s the first B in your contacts? My aunt Barb

48. When was the last time you laughed really hard? Yesterday. Avery was pulling some of her really funny little tricks. That girl might be a comedian.

49. Your number 1 top friend walks out of your life, do you go after them? Nah – if they’re really your #1 friend they’ll realize it and come back. If they don’t, maybe you were wrong about them.

50. Explain your last awkward moment? Hernia check followed by a prostate exam last week. Didn’t even get a free dinner.

51. Are you afraid of the dark? Inside, no. Outside, in the woods, deep darkness can be quite unsettling.

52. Do you have good vision? 20/40 uncorrected, with a +1.5 for reading I think.

53. Have you ever tripped someone? I have 3 brothers. I’m sure someone tripped someone, sometime.

54. Have you ever slapped someone? I have 3 brothers . . .

55. Are you Irish? 2/5 English, 2/5 German and a fifth of Scotch. I guess that means no irish.

56. Do you use chap stick? Not often enough

57. Do you have any scars? Good Lord do I have scars. Hockey puck sized scar on my right shin from my little bout of cellulitis. My fingers & hands have over a dozen dings & dents from various little incidents. I have a scar on ly left forearm from a football cleat, a scar on my chin from taking on a ’65 Pontiac Bonneville bumper head first, one inside my left ear caused by the stem of my glasses perforating my exterior ear parts because a softball smashed my in the side of the head, a few scars are from chicken pox scabs too. I’m a little rough on my body. Scars happen.

Oh!! I’ll have a new one soon as a result of Thursdays surgery. Oh boy!

58. Is there someone you will never forgive? Nah. A grudge is like a hot potato, it only burns the person who holds it.

59. Are you dating the person you last held hands with? Dating? No.

60. Name the last person to text you? Jill

61. Would you marry someone 8 years older than you? At my age? Would they still be alive?

62. Can you go in public looking like you do? I do all the time. I don’t have to look at me.

63. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a A? Anne.

64. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Lately I’m on the left. Leaves Cindy closer to the bathroom. Left on my own, I just try to use the whole damn thing.

65. What’s the first thing you’ll do on your wedding day? My NEXT wedding day? Probably get out of bed & pee.

66. Do you fall for people easily? No – I’m a suspicious s.o.b.

67. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days? Why yes. I got a hug last night.

68. Do you miss the way things used to be? Miss them like I want to go back to it? I just want to go back to before I tore my biceps tendon.

Surgery in T-3 days. I have ordered some drawstring waisted cargo pants, thinking I can manage a simple tying at the waist versus a button closure and a belt. I really hope I’m right. Have plans to get some Velcro closure sneakers and a pair of loafers tonight too.
Practiced driving with my right hand tucked into my belt. I can actually manage driving fine. Shaved this morning left handed. Not a great shave, but when you can’t use your other hand to help pull your skin a little tighter, it isn’t going to be great. An electric razor is not an option. I have tried several different designs over the years and they never do as well as a razor. So lefty it is.
I can button a shirt left hand only, but tucking it in is impossible. Also don’t know that a splint/cast/what ever I get will fit through the sleeves of my button down shirts. So I’m planning on a lot of polo shirts. Big neck openings, short sleeve, and if I have to adjust my older ones to accommodate a splint/cast/whatever, no biggie.

There is only ONE thing that I need to practice, and I think I’ll only get a few more chances before it’s too late. It’s a delicate subject that I’ve approached with Cindy. She, understandably wants nothing to do with it. I did NOT have time to install a bidet this weekend, so I HAVE to learn this function left handed. I never, ever anticipated this need until last week and now? It’s a necessity. Think I’ll stop at the gas station and get some of those diesel mitts to use as a back up plan.

Wednesday I get my call from the surgical center with my time slot. Hope I get an early one. I’d like to have as little time free as possible the day of. Funny – I’m not worried about the surgery itself, it’s the recovery that is causing my anxiety.


2 responses

  1. I hope you surgery goes well. I have every faith that it will – and remember, you don’t have to be fast, just thorough… of luck to you….

    September 10, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    • Brian

      Hah! I thought you were referring to the recovery process, but that last comment applies in several areas, doesn’t it? Thanks for the well wishes, and I’m thrilled to hear that you are on the mend as well!


      September 10, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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