Always tweaking something!

In Motion

Day 2936

Saw the surgeon this morning. He described the bicep tendon damage as a complete tear. I guess that explains the 3 – 4 mm separation in the MRI images (which I’ve yet to see. Gotta talk to the ortho guy about that – I love seeing xrays & stuff – especially my own)

Bottom line – surgery Thursday 9/13, a recovery day 9/14, plus a whole weekend to shake the anesthetic out of my head. Hopefully back to work 9/17, then stitches out 9/24 and into a soft cast.

Soft cast for up to 6 weeks post op, with simple PT starting as soon as the stitches are out. Total rehab time back to full use: 3 months. And yes, I’ll get pictures when & where I can.

I asked about anesthesia too. The surgeon said they’d use a local with sedatives so I wouldn’t be 100% out, just deep into “don’t give a shit” mode. After watching a couple of different highlight films of the procedure, I think it’s gonna hurt like a mofo for a few days after. Trimmed tendons, stretching muscle, drilling holes in the ulna & nailing (pinning) the tendon into place. Tell me that ain’t gonna hurt a bit?

The REAL downside? This is all happening in my right arm. I’m right handed. I’ve started a small list of things that will be a tad more difficult to do with my right arm in a cast/sling:

Shirt buttons
Tucking in a shirt
Zippers on pants (ever notice how the flap is on the left?)
Buttoning/snapping/clasping pants
Shifting my car (it’s an automatic, but still . . .) (officially, I think I am advised to not drive while in a sling, but I’m not walking to work)
Showering & bathing
Certain ‘other’ bathroom functions
Eating – I won’t be able to cut anything for a while and even soup I’ll need to eat left handed. I am gonna need a BIG bib.
Typing & using a mouse.

Has anyone been one handed before? One handed with the non-dominant hand the only good one? What am I missing?

We have a trip planned to New Orleans 10/6 – 10/11. Doc said the cast/sling would be no issue for TSA. Maybe I’ll have to find one with a Saints logo. Maybe I can get some voodoo done to speed up the healing!

My only other surgery – the debridement of my right shin after a nasty bout of cellulitis was on 9/16. Something bad about the teens of September. Hmmm – my mother-in-laws birthday was 9/19. Coincidence? I think not!


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