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Under the Knife

Day 2935

I think I mentioned earlier about how I may have hurt my elbow playing golf? After seeing my own doctor about it and then getting referred to an orthopedic doc, I got a date with an MRI machine.

(As a total tangent – when someone tells you “Hope you’re ready for it – MRI’s are NOISY!” – you have no way to prepare for the kind of noise(s) that thing makes. HOLY CRAP!)

Got the results of my MRI today. the damage is officially a partial tear of the distal biceps tendon. Reading about it, it is sort of a rare occurrence. First, it seems the proximal (shoulder) end is more likely to tear. When the distal end does tear, it is usually a complete separation, not a partial, like the half-assed job I did.

The good news is that it’s repairable. The bad news is that it requires surgery and a 6+ month re-hab. No bowling this winter. Might get back into shape in time for next golf season. (Interesting story there too)

I go to see the surgeon tomorrow for a consult & schedule the dirty deed. Sounds like they prefer to jump right on this kind of repair, so the fact that it’s been nearly 6 weeks since I injured it means they’ll want to operate pronto. I think I’ll golf with Zach this weekend for my one last fling, but the company golf tournament on the 14th is probably out. Ironically, that also appears to be my favorite day for surgery too. Now I have to hope that casts & range of motion restrictors won’t hamper our trip to NOLA next month.

This getting old shit ain’t for the weak, I can tell you that!


2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. I had surgery on my wrist a few summers back and thought it was going to be the end of my golf game. Luckily, the surgeon understood my golf disease and got me back in shape sooner than expected!! Hope you get the same type of results. How did you injure it while playing golf?

    September 4, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    • Brian

      Oddly enough, I was on the driving range warming up before my league started. Went through my usual routine – hit some easy wedges, then 7 irons. Once I feel warm I start swinging harder with the 7, then drop to a 5 for a few swings. I had picked up my driver and was working on a grip change (to a more neutral position – trying to cure a wicked hook I’d developed). About my 4th drive I felt the tendon pop. Like a typical stubborn male, I kept going, but didn’t swing as hard.

      later that night it hurt to raise my arm enough to grab the steering wheel of the cart. That night I had trouble bringing a fork to my mouth to eat dinner. Skipped golf the next week and it felt much better. Did go see my doc, played the referral game, had an MRI 5 weeks after the initial event. The MRI conformed the tear and the need for surgery – just as bowling season starts.
      Surgical consult in the morning, I’ll post results & plans, etc.

      September 4, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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