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Day 2914

Officially 7 days short of 8 years of non-smoking. Today is also the 31st anniversary of the marriage between Cindy & I and 2 days after our eldest son’s 28th birthday. And? In 2 days we leave for a family reunion being held in Gloucester, Mass. Ought to be a ball.

The “Ouch” in the title is referring to an injury I seemed to have acquired while swinging a golf club. On the driving range, warming up before our league, I was towards the end of my warm up progression. I start with a 7-iron to warm up & hit 10 or so shots. Then I move to a 4 or 5 iron and hit some longer shots. Once I’m nice & warm I bring out the big dog and start banging away trying to figure out which way my driver is going for that day. Lately, I’ve been hitting some wicked hooks, forcing me to aim as much as 30 yards right of my target, and that barely keeps my ball in the fairway.
Well, on this particular day 4 weeks ago, I gave up trying to hit the 9.5 degree Taylor Burner driver. I pulled out my trusty old 10.5 degree Top Flite traditionally sized metal driver (not one of those gigunda 350cc drivers that force you to tee your ball up on a yard stick like the Taylor).
I was hammering the ball. On-line, straight, 230yds carry and your typical summertime parking lot roll – 300 yards was not out of the question. Then on one fateful swing, I felt a ‘pop’ on the inside of my right elbow. I think I ripped the ligament on the inside, body side of the elbow. If you’ve ever had blood drawn, it’s that cord looking thing on the body side of where the needle typically goes in your antecubital fossa. (Had to teach spell check ‘antecubital’).
Of course, being your typical male, I played my round of golf that day. Never hurt to swing the club unless I took too large a divot. Off the tee I was fine, and I was pounding the ball all day. Chipping & wedge shots were fine. The part that hurt was the middle irons – having it hurt to take a divot affected my swing (affected my head more) and I struggled with those.

What REALLY hurt was trying to drive the cart. I couldn’t raise my arm to grip the steering wheel. Later that night, I couldn’t raise a fork to my mouth to eat (odd diet enhancement, eh?) and the next morning I had to brush my teeth left handed. That was surprisingly more difficult than I had thought it would be. Also had a lovely bruise in my antecubital fossa (inside the hinge part of the old elbow – where they suck your blood from) that probably was a sign. So? I didn’t golf the next week. Elbow slowly seemed to be improving. I’ve golfed twice since then and had no reaction like I had that first week where it hurt to raise my arm. I still have limited range of motion due to it hurting like hell when I try to do certain things – like tuck in the back side of a shirt, use a screw driver, or sometimes even turn a door knob. I also have this curious numbness that radiated from my my wristup my forearm in line with my thumb. That causes a limitation in strength and has me a little worried.

So I broke down and called my doctor. Saw the PA. Ended up with a referral to an orthopedist for next week. We’ll see how it goes. I still have this funky little swollen area at the initial injury site too. I’m just hoping that it’s not the separated tendon all piled up under there like a busted rubber band. I can’t see that getting fixed without surgery – and bowling starts in 3 weeks!!

In more mundane things, I read this article about one of our satellites currently orbiting Mars taking a photo that includes the new rover.

What’s disturbing is one little line about half way through the article, and I quote: “Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif. recently upgraded Curiosity’s computers and software to prepare . . .”
Would someone tell me how they upgraded the rovers computers when it was on the surface of Mars? I can certainly understand a software upgrade. Pretty straight forward to beam the new code up and let it load itself. That’s very commonplace in every home in the country. But I want to know how they got one of the Geek Squad up there to upgrade the hardware. That’s just incredible. I thought a manned mission to Mars was at least 20 years away.

That’ll wrap it up for this edition. Now that I’m kinda sorta up to speed at work, I can actually dedicate an hour or so a few evenings a week and keep this updated a little better. I also have something to report progress on too, what with the busted up elbow and all. I need to remind myself that it shouldn’t cut into bike riding too – I am woefully short of any goals for riding this year. Again, now that I’m up to speed at work, I can improve on that. Always positive – that glass is always half full of something!


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