Always tweaking something!

Speaking of work . . .

Day 2840

I just shit my pants a little bit. The guy that was responsible for hiring me in my new job? Just got shown the door. I hope those management shake ups a few rungs up the food chain don’t have a trickle down effect.

Those of us that report to the guy are shocked. No warning really, other than the moves made early in May.

Gotta keep the head down, move fast, and get those billable hours up. I need to work on a better home office set up so I can get in extra hours outside the office. 20% of my job is testing, 80% is report writing and the writing I can do outside the office. Just have to barter for a couple three hours a few nights a week.

I know all too well what it’s like to look for a job in this economy, and I’m not interested in trying it again. 12 years, that’s all I need is 12 years.


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