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What a Difference 10 Days Makes

Day 2801

Oh cool!  Now I’m glad I looked.  Yesterday, 4/22/2012 marked 7 years 8 months since I quit smoking – and it happened to be day 2800.  Apropos of nothing really, but it is a nice round number.

Nice and round, like the big, fat, heavy snowflakes that are falling right now.  I’d seen the “Winter Weather Advisory” in the forecast for a few days now, but we’ve been threatened with snow all winter and only got a paltry 60 inches for the season.  So it stands to reason that after several (3) days in the 80’s in March and a sultry 88 degree day ONLY LAST MONDAY that we’d be getting our heaviest snowfall of the “winter” a full month into spring.

Wanna see?  (Of course you do)

The view, Friday the 13th - house completed.

The view, Monday, April 23rd. "Winter Weather Advisory"


Poor Plum!!

Yes, those are the new house colors.  Gutters were put up last Thursday and the garage doors are going on today.  Picture it with flat black shutters – the same shutters I have in the garage so I could paint them.  The same paint job that made it necessary for me to park outside.  (but really, black shutters, black truck – whoda seen any overspray, hmmm?)  And that poor flowering plum tree!  I hope it warms up enough for the snow to fall off before too much more accumulates.

It was kind of a weird snowfall too.  I got up around 4:30am for a bathroom break.  I looked outside and saw that it was drizzling a bit, but no snow.  Two hours later my truck was covered in nearly 3 inches of wet, soggy snow.  Who knows how much melted before it finally started sticking?  A work colleague has to drive down to Pittsburgh today too – the route is right on the snow/rain changeover line (I-90 west to Erie, hang a left and follow I-79).  He could catch a break and get just wet roads – lets hope.  On weather radar it looked like hugging the lakeshore would help to avoid the snow.

Got to spend some quality time with the little grandkidlet over the weekend.  She is such a good natured little peanut.  She and I are starting to develop some of those silly little games we play with each other.  The same silly games I played with our boys when they were that age.  All those years, nothing and everything have changed.  (If you figure that one out, lemme know, mmkay?)

I gotta go run back to work.  We are fabulously busy, the work is interesting, and I’m starting to develop a feel for the rhythm of the process.  The databases are still the bottle necks (Lotus Domino interfacing with SAP on at least 6 different servers in 4 time zones – yeesh!)  And I have 2 reports to upload and one huge pain in the neck one to write.  Starts at 168 pages and grows form there.  And the table formatting is a nightmare.  I STILL have to fix the dang template.  In my abundant spare time.




2 responses

  1. fitville4me

    Weird weather here in nor cal too. Went on a 95 deg bike ride on Sunday and tomorrow we may get snow flurries. Congrats on completing your big home improvement project.

    April 24, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    • Brian

      Oh – it’s been a 20 year home improvement project. This, I believe was the last of it – unless the spousal unit wants to repaint inside. And there is always the yard & gardens. Next up? 28 Douglas firs gotta go.

      April 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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