Always tweaking something!

Catching up (Again)

Day 2767

Yes, again. Spent the last week out towards Boston (Lowell & Chelmsford if anybody knows the difference) taking a seminar for work. That was a 3+ day data dump that I fear has left some gray matter dripping out of my ear. Also drove solo both ways (6 hours Google maps – NOT 7!!!) Helps when you make one stop for bladder break – lunch – gas tank and can wrap up your off road bidness in under 20 minutes.

Then, THEN we’ve had the most gorgeous weather around here the last few days! A whole string of 70+ degree days in March up here in the tundra! One day, when I finally gave up on growing apples and was taking down my two apple trees (in the interest of trying to grow grass in that corner of the yard) I had to stop and swat a mosquito. In March! In the tundra!

Ok – so it’s not a tundra here. At least not this year. For the record we’ve had maybe 60 inches of snow total for the winter. Paltry. Barely half normal. But I’m not putting the snowblower away juuuuusssst yet – nope. Mother nature has a way of bitch slapping you back into reality if you pull a stunt like that. April 1, no sooner. No matter how wimpy the winter was.

Now that I’m back from Boston (Lowell/Chelmsford) my EPC (Engineering Program Coordinator), whom I actually met in Boston last week (cuz she works there with 40 or so of my fellow employees) want’s me to go to Connecticut to do a job. Someplace down near Danbury – with no flippin airport nearby, so it’s be another 6 hour one way drive for a weeks worth of work. Work buys the mileage, but another trip so soon? Why not send me to New Orleans this fall? Oh – right, I’d have to work. How the heck can you do that in New Orleans?

Oh – the grandbaby! Coming up on 4 months old. She’s getting a personality and a voice! Even though she isn’t actually saying anything sensible, you get the feeling she understands the concept of a conversation – she babbles, you say something back to her, she babbles some more – great way to spend an afternoon. Everybody should try it!

Gotta run. My 164 page report needs to have all the data appended to it. It’s going to finish at over 200 pages, plus an attachment for photos, manuals, prior testing – thank heavens it’s all electronic. Poor trees!


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