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Day 2754

Having a rough day? Check out this over acheiving pooch – it’ll instantly make you feel better, guaranteed.

I’ve been doing some internal grousing lately about, well – about balance. I haven’t had a whole lot of balance in the last 6 or 7 years. More really, but I don;t think I recognized it until 7 or so years ago.

Sure, I got fed up with my health & weight, quit smoking, went on a diet and lost a bazillion pounds. End result of that effort was increased isolation/distancing from the wife which had it’s own wicked side effects (hello, Ms. CL and those wonderful months of indulgence).

Got that straightened out (Good bye Ms. CL, hello marriage counseling). Now that our counselor has up & moved to Virginia (not the greatest thing for bi-weekly sessions), we’re left to our own devices. Hasn’t been all bad, we DID manage to learn how to deal with ourselves a little better. But through it all, my weight is up, my endurance is down and that bugs the shit outta me. I am working on both, but trying a new method. What worked so well before was a Nazi-like adherence to recording every (pre-weighed) morsel that entered my mouth and also recording every minute of serious heart pounding cardio and every ounce of weight or resistance training. It worked fantastically. If you know what goes in and work diligently at exercising, you can predict your weight loss track with alarming accuracy.

But the effort involved saps ones time. There is little time left for anything else. While I was doing all that weight loss I also remodeled the kitchen (again), replaced almost all of the windows in the house, was constantly tweaking things in the yard (hello 5000 gallon fish pond), AND we still had two kids in college. There was no time for being a couple in there apparently.

Now – to get where I want to be fitness wise will require the same effort, hopefully with less Nazis involved. But to retain balance in the family (or couple) life, I am foregoing re-roofing the house this year. Not going to re-paint the house either. Nope. Instead? Gonna hire someone to do it all. Roof, siding, vent work to correct ice damming issues, new gutters & new garage doors. The only finger I’m going to lift is to write the check.

Then I’m going to bike my butt off this summer. Biking, golfing and date nights. NO PROJECTS (except finishing the $%^@#!* pond).

That’s the plan. You with me?


2 responses

  1. I like your plan. I’m down with that – doing sort of the same thing around here. I came to realize that my summer of 2010 fitness level (awesome!) and my summer of 2010 weight (size 4) are not sustainable for me. The level of effort required along with the time required just takes too much away from other things. Back then, I lived in a loft apartment and I didn’t even have to take out the garbage – I had a trash concierge. Now, I’m a single home-owner. Things change. And I am giving up some of my skin-flint ways and I’m hiring some help so that I have more time. I enjoy working my yard and in my flowers, so that stays on my plate. But mopping floors, cleaning grout and scrubbing tiles? That’s gonna be someone else’s worry. I’ll be outside doing something fun – either pulling weeds or peddling.

    It is hard to maintain intimacy when there isn’t enough time for shared activities.

    March 6, 2012 at 2:03 pm

  2. I think this is a great plan! Maybe we’ll see more bike short shots…bonus!

    March 6, 2012 at 9:42 pm

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