Always tweaking something!

Yes, I have a pulse

Day 2747

Getting my ass seriously kicked at work. There is SO much to learn, SO many details to track, SO many tests & assessments to do – I’m loving the challenge. Hence my scarcity here on the blogger thingy.

During my morning scan of the googles news page I saw a by line that confirmed something for me – Germans may be some of the lustiest people around. Check this out:

ancient German B.O.B.

For those of you keeping score, 20cm = 8 inches. Some ancient fraulein was a VERY happy girl while her man was out hunting!

Little Avery just hit the 3 month mark. She’s developing quite a personality. We’re going to have trouble trying to get her to sit still. Such a wriggler! She’s rolled over once already and kinda scared herself when she did it. No repeat performance yet, but it’s coming. I’m sure the next thing we know she’ll be running all over the house with the dog in tow. Poor thing. (The dog I mean!)

I did start a post last week, but never got back to it. It’s still sitting there in my draft bucket. Some day . . .

Oh! I will be in the Lowell/Andover/Chelmsford Massachusetts area March 12 – 15. Anybody in the area want to check out dinner some evening – I’m on a nice per diem! Sadly, I think I had no regular readers in the Boston ‘burbs. Offer still stands though!



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  1. Hey, good to see you!

    March 1, 2012 at 2:47 am

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