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Remember me?

Day 2710

Been a while, huh?  What did I even write last?  I remember starting several entries and never finishing them.  Did manage to post a thing or two about the cutest granddaughter on the planet, but really, time has been tight.

Started a “year in review” post too.  Here’s a bullet list of the highlights.

January – Cold.  Working, driving to finish a project that has a jello-like requirements document.

February – Trip to Cancun.  Trip from hell.   Air travel delays, lost luggage, stolen property.  Lost a day in Mexico and some valuable jewelry.

March – Notified I was being laid off, given 6 months notice.

April – start job search.  Still working like a mad fool.  I blame being in shock.

May – blank. Again, I blame shock.

JuneTour de Cure.  Rode my 3rd Century (100+ miles in one day.)  this year, teaming up with some friends gets us through the course in 5 hours, 53 minutes of actual “ass in the saddle” time.  Time on course was closer to 7:30.

July – Eric & Kelly get married.  IT was the hottest week of the summer – by far.  150 people absolutely swamped the cooling systems at both the church and reception hall.  We muddled on.

August – 2 family reunions – both weekend long events.  Cindy & I also marked our 30th wedding anniversary.

September – the 6th was my last day of work.   29.5 years of work in the same organization all done.  Had several interviews for positions locally, but no solid leads as yet.

October – pick up contract work (12 months) with a local radio manufacturer.  Pay is pitiful, no vacation, no holidays, no sick days, but the work environment is good.

November – Little Avery Jennine finally appears, making parents of Zach & Jill and new grandparents of Cindy & I.  There were some minor difficulties along the way, but the little peanut came through it all just fin-e.

December – Talk about wheels of progress grinding slowly – a place I interviewed with in August wants to (finally) do a third interview.  A week after the interview, they made an offer that beat the hell out of what I was making on that contract job.  Put in my notice 12/23 that I’d be done 1/6.  Due to start the new gig 1/16.

January –  Left the contract position.  Killed the week+ in between jobs by bolting off to Cancun again.  This time we got caught for an extra day on the return leg.  I managed to catch an ear infection (probably from snorkeling at Xelha), but in Mexico you can get antibiotics without a prescription!  Hit up a local bodega for some ear drops and things weren’t too bad.  Showed up for my 2nd ‘first day of work’ in 3 months and get to be “the new guy” aaaallllll over again.

And here I sit, kinda tired of reading IEC/EN/IECEE specs & regulations.  My first real in the field training will be 1/24 & 1/26 where I learn to strike fear in the hearts of QA managers  in local factories when I get to call them and announce that their semi-annual factory inspection is due – I’ll be there in 30 minutes.

Also need to get my ass to the gym.  Haven’t been there in 6 months and it shows.  My pants are a leetle too tight.  Rather than buy new, bigger pants, I’ll re-introduce myself to sweating.  Be nice to get ready for summer, this years Tour de Cure, maybe the Philly Livestrong ride, and tons of commuting to work.

For the record, my new place of employment is literally across the street from my gym.  The new plan come spring is ride to the Y, get in cardio & weights, cool down & shower up, pedal very easy across the street and start the work day.  For longer rides I’ll take the long way home instead of the very, very short (4 miles) direct route.

Will there be more & better blogging this year?  I hope so.  I’m trying this one from my new work laptop using Word’s direct link to WordPress. The new machine has all the spiffy new Windows 7 and Office 2010 tools.  It’s taking some getting used to, but I’m starting to like it.

Better run- – more later.  Really!





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  1. Hey stranger – glad to read your update.

    January 23, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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