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She’s Home

Day 2657

Miss Avery Jennine made her rather raucous appearance in the wee early hours of Nov. 20, 2011. Her initial stats were a healthy 7lb, 3oz and 20.5″ long.

She gave everyone a bit of a scare while nursing during the night. Jill noticed her lips & tongue turned blue. Little Avery was hustled into the “Special Care Nursery” (NICU) and put on oxygen boost in a little tent. Her oxygen sat numbers recovered nicely. She kept having episodes of low O2 Sat numbers, mostly while she was nursing. After a day or so and having run most every test known to man, everyone came to the conclusion that the problem was a combination of position and neck strength. With a little coaching the kids learned which positions were best for little Avery. It kinda came down to not letting her chin get pinched down to her chest. That helped keep her airway open and really resolved the low oxygen issue.

Jill was officially released from the hospital on Tuesday the 22nd. She and Zach stayed at the hospital the entire time, either crashing in a nursing room or grabbing the “family” room in the NICU. We did talk them into going home once or twice to grab a real shower, a fresh set of clothes and a real meal. We even got them out of the hospital long enough to have Thanksgiving dinner. You see, the NICU’s policy was that a baby had to have 72 consecutive hours free of any low oxygen issues before they would release her. Avery’s last episode was 4pm Monday, meaning she could be released 4pm Thanksgiving day. Along about 1pm the kids had a talk (by phone) with Avery’s doctor. In the conversation the doctor said that she was against doing any late in the day releases and the hospital was very firm about their 72 hour, no low oxygen rule. All that meant that Avery wouldn’t be released till Friday morning. Reading between the lines, it meant that the doctor wasn’t leaving her house and/or Thanksgiving dinner to come in and sign the release papers.

But. Friday did come; our little peanut did get released and is now home safe, sound and doing really well. So far she nurses like a champ, has a great appetite and pretty much only cries when she’s hungry or needs a little burping. I forgot just how tiny newborns really are. What’s really amazing is just how quickly they steal your heart.

Oh. You probably want pictures, huh?

Well, hell. Either WordPress isn’t letting me add pics to this post or I’m having some firewall issues. Imma try to add pics at home tonight. For now, just know that grand daughter #1 has landed. Pics at 11.

Oh. There was a product testing outfit I interviewed with back in August. They had an upper management shake-up and decided to hold off on filling the position. I was bummed because it would have been a lateral move pay wise, I knew all the guys in the lab, it was close to home & my gym, and it was a lateral move pay wise (did I mention that?)

Well, yesterday I got a call from the regional manager. Seems upper management is once again interested in filling the position and he’s interested in finishing the interview process we started 4 months ago.

For $12K a more a year, I have no problem giving my current employer 2 weeks notice. I’m here on contract, which means they view me as temporary. If I do get an offer from this interview, I’ll show my supervisor the offer and give him a chance to match it. The 2 week notice part will be implied, but I’ll make it official too, just to be clear. $12K, benefits, holiday pay & 4 weeks vacation? I think he’ll understand.


3 responses

  1. Congrats, Pappy!

    December 2, 2011 at 7:56 am

  2. Patty

    Oh my gosh Congratulations!!!!! She is beautiful!!!

    January 12, 2012 at 2:01 pm

  3. Congratulations!!!

    January 23, 2012 at 3:13 pm

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