Always tweaking something!

Balls in the Air

Day 2608

Get your minds out of the gutter. The balls I’m referring to are job possibilities. Three actually.

The TUV thing that I interviewed for waaaaayyy back in August is finally gathering some momentum. I had to go kick the hornets nest a bit, but I used somebody else’s foot to do the kicking. Besides working the recruiter for updates, I contacted my inside buddy and asked him what was up. He did a little asking around internally and confirmed some of what I’d been getting from the recruiter, plus he was able to hear from the regional manager that he IS in fact planning a site visit in the next week. Finally! IT’s only been two freakin months that he’s “planning a visit”.

Ball #2 is a Field Engineer position locally, servicing & installing X-Ray equipment. I have a bit of hands on experience with X-Ray generators, and I am hoping to apply that experience (plus my amazing trouble-shooting and “get it working” skills) towards getting this spot. I had formally applied for this spot 2 weeks ago, but now I have a recruiter vetting me for the spot. Can’t hurt. Plus locally based work with up to 50% travel? Sweet!

Ball #3 has the most momentum and the least appeal. It’s for a huge corporation that has 3 facilities locally. They have several positions open and I am interviewing for FOUR of them Friday morning. Four back to back to back to back 45 minute interviews. AND I have to be there by 9:00am. I’ve been just getting to me second cuppa coffee by then. I’m going to have to get my slothful butt to bed early tonight (like anytime before 1am) so I can perform at these interviews. The downside to ball #3 is that these positions are for 12 month contracts – no full time hire, and the pay is about a 20% cut from what I have become accustomed to earning. That’s a whole lot of trips to New Orleans at risk here.

Ball #4 is my return to seeing a therapist. It’s been good. Sad part is that I feel more accountable to her than I do my wife. I will have to meditate on that and mention it to Annette next time I see her. At some point, I will have to confess to Cindy too, because she’ll get co-pay refunds from her pre-tax out of pocket account that her employer provides. I may have to fess up tonight to insure that she gets it from me and not the insurance company. That would be bad.

Bowling tonight!!! But first, I need to go tweak my resume and get it sent back in to Ball #2 and their recruiter. Wouldn’t it be neat to get a new job and a grand daughter at nearly the same time? (Ssshhhh- – don’t burst my bubble)


One response

  1. Why the term “confess”? Is Cindy not supportive of therapy?

    Good luck bowling!

    October 13, 2011 at 4:41 pm

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