Always tweaking something!

Hello again

Day 2596

Got a good news/bad news thing. Good? I was the high guy on our bowling team last night. Bad? Neither of my brothers was even CLOSE to their average.

Good? I got lined up early and pounded the pins the first game. Bad? It didn’t last.

At least it was fun.

Bathroom project is coming along. I’m starting to assemble some pics of the progress. Rather than post them all here, I’ll set up a flikr or photobucket account. It’s gonna be a LOT of pictures, no sense slowing things down here.

Job front – still in the running for that position @ TUV. The recruiter got sick, they had to scramble to get things back on track, but the next interview is still pending. While I was making the roux for last nights gumbo, I got a call from another recruiter looking to fill a position locally. 12 month contract, ut it’s a firm I’d like to get into long term too. A foot in the door would be a help.

Also called my buddy Annette and scheduled a sit down. She was my first therapist from back when the whole drinking thing with Cindy kinda bottomed out – no need to rehash history so we can get back up to speed quick. Annette also helps out in the job search field, so that can’t hurt either.

I’ve got a shower to tile, just wanted to drop in quick and say hi and thanks for all the kind comments last week. My overall attitude isn’t a while lot better, but at least I’ve got the beginnings of a plan to improve it.

Kids (Eric & Kel) coming home this weekend, first we’ve seen them since the wedding 2 months ago. It’ll be great to spend a weekend with them.

Better scoot . . .


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  1. Hey, one step at a time. So glad to see a positive update :). Hang in there, pulling for ya.

    October 2, 2011 at 5:09 am

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