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Day 2571


Filed for unemployment benefits this morning. Have ‘waiting week’, then I can start drawing benefits. A whopping $405 a week. That’s going to make some lifestyle changes an absolute necessity – unless I can get my butt back in the working world. I owe the TUV place a call this week and I have tons more leads thanks to my former co-workers. Finding a job will be my new primary part time job.


Finishing that damn bathroom is my secondary part time job. Making progress on it, and I will be up there toiling away once I finish this little update. I need to test the shower & make sure I have the connections correct. Waiting for the hot water to make the trip up from the basement will be fun. I’ll be running the water into a 5 gallon bucket for now. The drain in the shower pan works, but letting the water fall from the shower head and splash in the pan is a mess I don’t want to think about. Once the shower checks out I can start installing the backer board and hide all the plumbing.


After that is ceiling paint, wall paint, cabinets, then floor & shower tile. Once the floor tile is in I can set the toilet and make the final connections on the tub & sinks. Oh! Once the walls & ceiling are painted I can install light fixtures too. No more bare light bulbs in temporary fixtures. Finally!


Been thinking over the weekend. Think I figured out where things at work started to slide. Several years ago I was put in an impossible situation. I was given a task that was quite a stretch for my abilities. I ended up asking for help. That help was in the form of a PhD from MIT. The particular problem I ran into was a challenge even for him. Then when we thought we had it figured out, we ran into another layer of complexity that took another month to work through. Bottom line, we finally got things figured out and had our assembly ready for product, albeit a few months late. But we nailed it.


That project gave me my first professional black eye – and it was all a freakin PhD from MIT could do to help figure a way around our problem,.


Then there was my first foray into the wonderful world of VHDL (a digital logic programming language) That provided a second black eye in that I struggled with incorporating a spatial clock signal into my image reading program. We were reading images at a 50 micron pitch. That’s 0.05mm. Most LCD screens for computers are around 0.2mm (200 micron) pitch. Again, we overcame technological hurdles but wrapped up the project a month or so later than the original schedule. Then it was determined that the technology wasn’t commercially feasible and it was scrapped. No biggie there, it happens in research. But the black eye struck again.


After that, I was left with VHDL work and cranked out all sorts of good stuff, helped fix other problems and did it all on time. I was almost comfortable. Then thins got complicated on the home front and my ability to focus on work suffered. There was Cindy’s uncontrolled drinking, her mom passing away, her drinking getting worse. Then there was my own affair, the subsequent crash and the start of a couple years of counseling. The whole time I could feel my interest in work fading, couldn’t concentrate, was constantly distracted. The end is inevitable when you just don’t give a hoot.


So here I am.. From 8 – noon I will be a job searching maniac. The rest of the time I will be a House husband, re-modeler, cook, laundry maven and blogger. With a side of bowling. We start Thursday. I just have to cancel the subscription channels on our TV package to balance out the budget.


Better yet, I’ll have time to organize the pics of the bathroom from hell project and get them posted somewhere. I gotta get to work.


2 responses

  1. Here’s to a quick landing of the perfect job.

    September 6, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    • Brian

      I’ll drink to that!

      September 6, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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