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Wednesday Hodge Podge

Day 2558

Something new to try out to keep my head in the game here . . .

It’s time for Joyce’s Wednesday Hodgepodge!  Interesting questions this week.  They’re not too deep but a lot of fun!

You know the drill…post the answers on your own blog, link up on Joyce‘s page and make new bloggy friends by perusing the links on her post.

Here we go…

1. What is something that bothers you if it’s not done perfectly?

Wrapping up extension cords or lengths of rope.  Gotta be in a neat coil – no figure 8’s allowed.  Makes it easier to unroll them next time you use them.

Also – dishwasher loading.  Don’t put stuff in so it takes up the most space possible!

Yes, I am a wee bit anal.

2. Do you think a sixth sense exists?  Explain.

It can’t be coincidence ALL the time.  I do believe in some sort of ‘gut’ feeling.  Whether people ferret it out from other external clues or it’s just a hunch, it’s right too often to ignore.

3. Do you say your goodbyes slowly, quickly, or not at all?

Sloooooowwwwly.  It’s a curse famous trait from my mother’s mother’s side.  Trying to work on it.

4. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being hot, hot, hot, what level of spice do you like in your food?  What’s your favorite spicy dish?

I like my food to be at about a 12.  In a restaurant, I’ll take the cover off the crushed red pepper shaker and shake some onto my pizza or pasta.  I can drink Franks Red Hot by the glass (but why bother?  It’s not hot at all.)  Jalapenos are mild.  What I really like are my homegrown, mesquite smoked habaneros.  A tablespoon or two in a bow of chili is just about right.  Wanna try some?  Send me your address, I’ll mail you a sample.  DO NOT sniff them – you will regret it.

5.  What is one of your all-time favorite commercial jingles?

Where’s the beef!?!

Oh, wait, that’s not a jingle.  How about “Plop plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!”

6.  Plane, train, boat, or auto…what is your preferred means of travel?

I don’t mind traveling by car if I’m driving (you’re too slow and hang out behind things that block my view) but I like the immediacy of plane travel.  Wake up on a February morning where it’s 10 degrees & snowing, by lunch time you can be sipping a Hurricane and enjoying a bowl of gumbo (wearing shorts!!) at Pat O’Briens in Nola.  What’s not to like?

7.  What is something you take for granted?

Used to be my job . . .

8.  My Random Thought


Yes, I saw UP!  What a great movie.  I even got a little teary (ok – more than a little) in all the right spots.

Oh – on that TUV interview from last week – won’t know more for 2 – 3 weeks.  Unfortunate because I’ll have tons of free time in just under two weeks now . . .

One odd event happened on our trip to Carlisle last week.  It was early in the trip – we were maybe on the road for 40 minutes or so – when my phone rang.  Now, in my truck, the phone is Bluetooth linked to the stereo (Ford Synch).  So when the phone rings it interrupts what ever music was playing (bluetoothed in from my phone no less) and rings EXTREMELY shrilly, scaring the shit out of you.  Assuming you have managed to maintain control of the vehicle, you can hit a button on the steering wheel to answer the phone.

Anyhow.  Phone rang, Cindy might have peed a little, I steered us back into the right lane after recovering from the initial shock.  On the phone was a dude from a recruiting agency that had gotten hold of an old, old resume of mine that was posted on Monster about 10 – 12 years ago.  How it had my current cell phone number on it I’ll never know, but the email address was an ancient one.  I told the guy he had an ancient resume, but I was still very interested in finding new employment.  We did a bit of a phone interview right there on the spot (well, we covered 10 – 12 miles of I-390) and was to email me his contact info so I could forward him a current resume complete with references.

Nice thing abut this smart phone stuff was that I was able confirm receipt of that email about 5 minutes after we terminated the call. (Trust issue with recruiters?  Why would you think that?)  And no – getting an email on the phone doesn’t set off any klaxons or sirens in the truck.  Thank heavens!  And thanks to modern technology I was able to receive an important call when say 10 – 12 years ago (there are those numbers again!) I would have missed that opportunity.  Or not.  Talking on your cell phone wasn’t illegal in New York back then.  (I was legal because I had a hands free set up.  Thank you Ford!)

Got a call from another recruiter yesterday, but I don’t have high hopes for this particular job.  They were looking for experience with very specific CAD packages.  While I can use (am using?  Was using?) CAD for everything this job entailed, I am using a couple of different programs.  Nor much of a learning curve, but employers want you to hit the ground running.  The other downside to this job?  45 minute drive in good weather.  In the winter, when the lake squalls hit, it might be 2 hours.  Wouldn’t want to do that for the next 15 years.  Plus?  It’s too far to ride my bike regularly.

I must be off.  I hear a golf course calling my name . . .


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  1. Lol I have the same Bluetooth feature in my car and it scares the crap out of me too so I turned it off!

    August 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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