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Everybody Needs a Quickie

Day 2542

Back from Clan gathering #2 this year. Had a fine, fun time as is always the case with this crew. Hot & muggy during the day, cool & sometimes rainy at night.

We were again camping out in the yard. Temperature wise it was wonderful weather for sleeping outdoors. The first night I got up around 2 or 3 or something (it was dark, the stars were gorgeous) and stepped outside thee tent to pee. Found the third tree on the left and did my business. Walked back to the tent and as I bent to get in the door, I heard leaves rustling off to my right – up the hill and just inside the woods. It’s a good thing I just peed or I may have wet my pants. I’m sticking with believing it was a deer making it’s way through the woods not too far from me. I’d rather not ponder the possibilities that it was a bear. They are definitely in the area, but they have more sense than to hang out around a bunch of rowdy humans, right?

The cousins finally mounted the buck skull they found during the weekend of Zach & Jill’s wedding two years ago. Here’s what happens when you let ants, beetles & other little beasties clean the skull for you:

Gorgeous 9-point Buck

Saturday morning we al headed into Arlington, Vermont for their weekly Saturday tag sale extravaganza. Every Saturday the whole town turns into a giant flea market. If you know where to look you can run into some excellent deals. All I ran into was another head scratcher. See what I mean:

Yard? Floor? Huh?

So if a “Yard Sale” is inside, what is it, really?

Off to do more job apps. The one place I interviewed with a couple weeks ago responded sooner than they said they would. Due to economic conditions, they are not filling the position I was hoping for. Better to know now than 6 months after starting. I guess.

With that, I’m signing off. Got to go catch up with all my reads after a few days away . . .


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  1. Maybe they have indoor/outdoor carpets? lol, funny sign 🙂

    August 8, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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