Always tweaking something!

Well Hello!!

Day 2535

This place looks familiar – kinda like I’ve been here before. Have I posted stuff here in the not too distant past? Seems like it. May as well try again, eh?

So yeah, we’re all suffering a bit from the post wedding let down. All that built up excitement & anticipation and now it’s all over. I’ll tell you what’s weird though – seeing Kelly’s new name. We are, of course, Facebook friends and I see her updates pretty regularly. I am STILL not used to seeing Kelly “mylastname” in print. I’m sure it will become as normal as seeing Jill “mylastname” is now.

Taking bets on a few things now too.

1 – How long before Kelly is preggers (preggers IS TO a word. Now. I added it to my spell check. You can too!)
2 – How many of their kids will be red heads.
3 – How long till She hooks up with a nursing job.

My guesses? Job – less than a month. Preggers – couple years. Red heads – 1 of 2, or 2 of 3 – depends on how many little bundles of joy they decide on. My mom’s side is peppered with red heads, but my generation has none. Come to think of it, none of my generations kids are red heads either. Kelly comes from a long line of red heads so oif Eric has the least little bit of recessive red head in him, it ought to come through.

Enough about the kids!

Golf last Wednesday. My partner couldn’t make it, so I had to tackle the other team all on my own. I ended up walking 9 holes in 90 degree heat. It happened to be my partners turn to get the cart and I didn’t know he was going to be a no show until 10 minutes before tee time. My fault – he left a message on my work voice mail, I just wasn’t in the office all day.

Anyhow. No partner, no cart. I kicked me some booty. Beat my opponent on 7 holes, tied one and lost the very last hole. So I earned 7.5 out of 9 points. My partner, using his worst outing of the year as a default score even managed to take 2 points and as a team we took another 5 points. So a one manned team took 14.5 out of 27 points from a two man team. I managed to shoot my best round of the year by a wide margin. Had the low net sore for the week and now hold the league record for bogeys in a round with 7. Three or four of those were nearly pars – I had several putts and one chip miss by two inches or less. Matter of fact – the mot bizarre (and best) hole of the day involved a drive than went MAYBE 40 yards (it hit a tree 100 yards out and bounced back), a recovery/positioning shot that covered 180 yards, a shot to lay up short of a creek that travelled 145 yards, than a lovely 75 yard wedge shot that hit short of the pin, bounced past it, did a U-turn and dropped in the cu for a birdie. (For you non-golfers – that’s fuckin’ amazing!)

Saw my partners truck in the parking lot at work today. That in itself is a good thing, but I didn’t get a chance to see him and see how he’s doing. The condition that kept him from golfing last week might not be healed enough to allow him to golf this week. How long does it take to resolve bleeding ‘roids? (Man, this getting old shit ain’t for the faint hearted, is it?)

Bathroom? Coming along. Spent the weekend mudding the walls. First coat took 4 gallons. Now I have a new gardening bucket. Started the second coat on all the flat joints and they look pretty good. Tuesday night I’ll do the corners and Thursday I’ll either set the shower pan or do a light sanding on the drywall joints. Depends on how lucky I feel.

Slow goings on the job front since I interviewed last Tuesday. Have one more decent local lead to follow up on, and then I’m thinking it’s head hunter time. Might give up a percentage of my pay for a while to cover their fee, but it would beat the hell out of unemployment. I’ll have some time to work on it Tuesday too. Company is having their annual summer picnic from 11:30 till whenever. All things considered, I’m calling it an afternoon off. What are they gonna do, fire me? Oh wait – they did. Screw ‘em then.

Have a meme thingie to share for tomorrow. Might be interesting.



3 responses

  1. G.G AKA Ethel

    Wohoo there you are! Was beginning to get worried. Was beginning to think that Lucy and I would have to send out a posse. Anniversary clubs are rockin? What’s fuckin amazing to me is that anyone would walk around a golf course in 90 degree heat…..I mean…good job!

    Still crossing my fingers on the job front but don’t forget this high profile, amazing, fun laundry opportunity here in WA. Seriously. Chance of a lifetime lol.

    August 2, 2011 at 12:08 am

  2. 9 holes in 90 degrees? No thanks!!

    I loved seeing the wedding pictures from your last post :). Anybplans to share photos of the bath when it’s done?

    It’s good to hear from you,

    August 2, 2011 at 11:05 am

    • Brian

      Oh LooOOoocie,

      Pics of the bathroom project that never ends are definitely in the works. I’ll probably set them up on a Flikr or Picasa page because there will be waaaayyy too many to put in a post.

      9 holes in 90 degrees wasn’t too bad. It cooled off some as we played being evening and all. Playing 18 last week, with a cart even, when it was 90 degrees at 10am and getting hotter was crazy. Plus, our league course is nicer, AND we have a St. Pauli girl cruising around in a modified cart selling Gator Ade & beer. Like to have her tips on a hot day.

      Wait, that didn’t sound right . . . .

      Oh well, off to the “company picnic”. I’m skipping out & going to have some fun. They can fire me if they like.

      August 2, 2011 at 11:59 am

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