Always tweaking something!

Long time, eh?

Day 25something

So you may recall that last week I shot my blackberry in the head and got hooked up with a droid. In the process we allowed our wireless carrier to import our home land line and switched our service over, saving $25ish a month.

Well, when the wireless folks called the land line people to discontinue service, they cut everything – including our DSL line. Thursday night (6/30) we figured out what was up, but by then work orders were piling up and the holiday weekend was looming.

That leaves me here, in a Panera Bread Shop on Tuesday trying to get some job hunting stuff done. Yes, I have Tuesday off. I kinda screwed around all morning playing with the wireless router thinking that just having the DSL light fire up I was good to go. Not so. Apparently a tech has to come by and diddle the box in the front yard to connect up the internet.

Now I just want to catch up here a bit, drop a line so y’all don’t think I got launched on a giant Roman Candle last night, and try to catch up on all your goings on. Life is rough with no internet.

Yes, I could use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. I was 99% of the way there as a matter of fact. That’s when the “by the way, it’ $20 extra a month to be a hot spot. Do you mean to continue?” question came up. I need a job, but a 4 day break in the search won’t kill me. I hope.

Now I have to go clean out my in box (155 emails in my seekrit job search mail box!!) and maybe go peek at a few blogs.

On the good side? Made awesome progress on the bathroom. Hot as hell working up there, but at least I’m sweating and not complaining about having to heat the place.


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