Always tweaking something!

Passive-Aggressive Pilot?

Day 2494

My bike is a Trek Pilot 2.0. Aluminum frame, triple crank in front, 9 speed cassette in back (27 speeds.  No, I have NOT used them all)  I ride on 700mm rims with 25mm wide tires.  Got the nice brake lever/shifter combo controls.  Carbon front fork and seat post.  The carbon saves a few ounces of weight so my dainty 220 lb frame has less to drag up hill.  (I need a sarcasm font.)

The instrument of my torture

Nice bike.  Does what I need, mostly.  But I think it needs a shrink. (no sarcasm intended here)  Last rode it Sunday 6/12 for the big Tour.  Haven’t touched it since.  How does it thank me for a week off?  Two flat tires when I tried to ride in to work this morning.  Thinking that perhaps each was caused by a leaky patch, (and after all, I did ride 70 miles on a patched front tire last week) I figured I’d just pump them up and see how things went.  Got each tire up to 110 – 120psi in no time flat.

Before I left, I noticed that I forgot my water bottle.  Went in, found my bottle, filled it and headed back out only to find that my rear tire was flat, again.  Mere minutes after I pumped it up!!  (Front was still good) I did a cursory check and found a rock chip impaled in the tread, again.  The new, thicker, more flat resistant tread.

So?  1 more day without riding.  Tomorrow is golf (lightning permitting) so no riding then.  That leaves me with Thursday & Friday to ride, should the weather allow it.

In job news, I got a phone all asking for an interview for a local job.  I need to go call that HR rep and get it scheduled.

On a separate note, this is just plain creepy and wrong.  How on earth could her parents approve this?  Are they Mormon or something?  I just can’t see marrying a girl young enough to be my daughter.   We live in a weird world.

In other news – we know the gender of our first grand kidlet. I was shocked is all I’ll say right now.


4 responses

  1. Girl?

    June 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    • bikinfool

      There are so many ways that ‘girl?’ could fit as a comment to that post.

      1.) Is my bike a girl? 2.) That pervert married a girl (as opposed to a woman more age appropriate) 3.) Or the grandkidlet!!

      The answers:

      1) Jury is still out. Passive aggressive bullshit is not gender dependent. 2) That dude DID marry a girl. I still claim it’s just plain creepy. 3.) Yes.

      After all the boys on both sides of my extended family, having a girl first is a real treat. I’m betting on a red head. Oh wait – both kids re primarily blond. Can you get a red head out of that combo?

      June 21, 2011 at 2:13 pm

  2. If you ever locate that sarcasm font I’ll take one!

    I’m going to take my cute little granny Schwinn out tonight after I get my eldest psychologically adjusted.

    I heard about that marriage situation and all I could think was that if any man old enough to be my kid’s father even looks at her inappropriately he would find my tire tread up his back… Not get my blessing. But these sickos are stage parents – all they see are future dollar signs. They need mental help.

    Hurray for babies! I vote Girl!

    June 21, 2011 at 7:47 pm

  3. G.G

    I’m thinking the bike is female. Although I’m painfully aware of how males can be passive agressive and pouty. I just know that if I made a man’s tenders tingle and then he ignored me for five whole days I wouldn’t want to go for a ride either…. Just sayin. *giggle*

    I think you are going to be an awesome grandpa either way but I’m not so secretly hoping it is a girl.

    June 22, 2011 at 1:02 am

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