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Stealing a Tuesday Meme

Day 2493

Yeah, I know.  Long time no see.  Work and home projects are kicking my ass.  Making progress on most fronts.    Here’s a meme I saw & stole:

The Crazy Medical Meme

1. The smallest bone in the human body is about the size of a grain of rice. What is it?

 For reals, it’s a bone in the ear, but I can not recall it’s actual name.  I’d google it, but that ain’t the point here now, is it?

There’s a joke to be made here about boners of wives/girlfriends ex-lovers but far be it from me to stoop to such a crass level.

2. How fast is a sneeze?

Never as fast as you want.  Don’t some of them take forever to actually happen?  Others just do the stealth blitz attack and you’re wiping ‘fluids’ off your desk before you even knew what hit you.

3. What percentage of the human body is water?

Before Happy hour, isn’t it about 75% ?  Thursday night, Cindy was 74% water, 1% alcohol, 25% drunker than I wanted to deal with.  Friday night, well – not one of my better nights.

4. True or False: A human’s thumb is as long as his or her nose.

Might be close.  Don’t have a mirror handy and I don’t dare try an internal measurement.

5.  What should you do if you are bitten by a snake?

If it’s a garter snake, catch it, skin it, cook it & eat it like a sausage.  If it’s a rattler or copperhead there’s only one thing to do.  Bend over as far as you can and keep bending over far enough until you can kiss your ass good-bye.

6. It is a fact that humans get an entirely new skeleton every 12 years. What do we get every six years?

Eight years older?  Free colonoscopy from the IRS?  New skin?

7. Happiness is directly related to the size of your _________________.

Heart.  Enough said.
8. If there are 9,000 taste buds on your tongue, how many hairs are on your head right now?

Not enough.  There are fewer hairs than there were yesterday.  That is a sad thing.

I’m also wondering how hairy Cindy’s tongue was feeling after Thursday night.

9. I believe that the size of the needle is directly related to the mood of the nurse. However, sometimes it’s necessary to get shots. If you could be vaccinated against anything in the world, what would it be? 

Hard not to be bitter here, but I think I’d like to be vaccinated against doing anything I might regret later.  Coming in a close second would be protection against resentment.

Weekend recap:

Over-indulged Friday evening, paid for it Saturday.  All the women folk of the clan (& extended clan) were over in Syracuse for Eric & Kelly’s wedding shower.  Theoretically that left me home alone for the day to work on the bathroom project.  I was making fine progress right up until Zach showed up with his dog, Ollie, and his FIL, Greg.

Ollie did the absolute cutest little peeking into the bathroom deal.  He’s pretty comfortable in our house, so when Zach arrived he opened the door and turned Ollie loose.  I’m thinking Zach sent him upstairs where he must have come into the bedroom.  Hearing me putzing around in the bathroom, he had to come over and check things out.  All I saw was Ollie poking his nose around the bathroom door with his big puppydog eyes asking the question “You’re happy to see me, right?”

Once I called him he came bounding over practically knocking me over in his exuberance.  He is NOT the cute little puppy he was 9 months ago.  He’s up to around 60 or 70 pounds of playful, happy, people loving chocolate lab.

Anyhow.  Greg brought over some cable I needed, we ran a little bit of wiring and discussed options for further wiring.  Greg does house electric jobs on the side so he’s a great resource for where to get materials and strategies for getting the most wiring out of the least materials.

After that initial burst, we all ran out of gas, so we sat out on the back porch and shot the breeze for the rest of the day.  I got in a few more shorts bursts of activity, but for the most part, Saturday was a rest day.

Sunday being Fathers Day kinda forced me to make some deals.  Zach called earlier in the week asking where we were going to get tee times.  Knowing I needed to spend some quality time in the bathroom (not doing THAT!) I took a rain check, planning an outing for the next time Eric was in town too.  That should be 3 weeks or so.

With the rain check in place, I spent the day wrapping up the wiring and actually started drywall in the bathroom.  Ought to be mudding this weekend, then it’ll be time to start wrapping up the shower.  I DO have pictures of the (snails pace) progress and will put together a little album before too long.

I haven’t touched my bike since the Tour de Cure.  One of the reasons is that my left quad had been really sore – the result of cramps that crept in the last 10 miles or so.  By Friday though the old quad was feeling pretty good – so I gave it a couple of extra days.  Plus, my more tender areas have been suffering through some odd tingling sensations not unlike what one feels when an arm or leg falls asleep.  I’m sure it was the result of a pinched nerve because now it’s back to normal.  It felt pretty odd, but no where near as odd as that time I had an epidural.  (Whole ‘nother story, maybe for another day.)

Anyhow.  I’m thinking of sneaking out of work in like 5.3 minutes, driving home and riding the old ass buster to the Y and taking in a spin class.  It’s Monday, Lori is the instructor and I really can’t stand her music or exercise technique, but I need to ride and the seats on the Y’s spin bikes are the most comfortable things around.  I’m willing to suffer through some Lady Gagger some of the other shit Lori plays just to get in a bona fide sweat – unless I can find someone willing to try out some highly aerobic horizontal gymnastics for an hour or so.  That ain’t bloody likely.


4 responses

  1. G.G

    Tingly tenders? Ok, I kinda giggled at your expense and then deleted some comments about laundry.

    Would love those mp3’s you mentioned.

    June 20, 2011 at 6:59 pm

  2. Brenda

    I’m thinking that tingling bit would have a stranger’s feel! ;0)

    Too bad you aren’t closer! We have mountains and flats and jobs in your field! And shorter winters!

    And I am interested in you teaching that horizontal aerobic workout! I prefer the perpendicular position better tho!

    June 20, 2011 at 10:24 pm

  3. I’m thinking that should you run out of projects to do around your house I could find a few in this 1921 bungalow I live in to keep you nice and busy!

    Puppy sounds cute… I LOVE puppies, as long as they go home with someone else. I feel the same way about babies now for the most part.

    Hmmm… if Cindy is refusing to quit drinking I suppose you could always inform her that your arrangement is no longer valid and you plan to find “extra curricular” aerobic activity elsewhere. I’m sure that would go over REALLY well !! But of course I only suggest this because I’m worried about your health 😛 *giggle* horizontal health is nothing to mess around with… you gotta look after yourself you know!

    June 21, 2011 at 12:31 am

    • bikinfool

      Find me a job out thataway doing biomedical stuff and I might just take you up on that.

      If you read waaaaaayyyy back you’d know that one of the conditions of us continuing counseling was that I curtail my extra-curricular activities and C curtail her drinking. I’ve been tempted several times to point out this little disparity in our ongoing relationship. On the one or two times I have brought it up, she denies ever agreeing to quit drinking. She asserts that she only agreed “to control” her drinking.

      I’m waiting for her illusion of control to slip and expose the woman behind the curtain. Then we an renegotiate.

      June 21, 2011 at 11:46 am

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