Always tweaking something!

Mother Nature is in Menopause

Day 2473

And we’re getting the hot flashes & night sweats!

One of the down sides to living in the Northeast, besides the endless snowfall all winter long, is the fact that so few of us have air conditioning.  Normally we’d only need it for a day or two in May, June – August, and the odd day or two in September.  Barely a quarter of the year!  Man of us eschew the central (or even window) AC.


But much like a southerner complaining about an inch or two of snow shutting everything down until it melts, I’m gonna bitch about the temps here edging close to 90 in May.  WTF!?!?!  Just 6 days ago I was glad I didn’t wear shorts golfing because it was barely into the 60’s.  Sunday morning I was golfing with the boys and we were melting fro the heat & humidity by 11am!  Granted, the course was a swamp thanks to all the rain we’ve had in April & May (lost a ball in the fairway because it plugged itself into the ground and I couldn’t locate the tunnel!) but geeze – upper 50’s on Wednesday then lwer 90’s on Sunday?  Not fair.

But.  Yesterday I paid my dues.  I spent an hour in my attic crawlspace running a cable from a wall switch to an electric box I was installing right over our bed.  Had to cut the hole in the ceiling, measure & cut the support beam and install said beam all in the comfort of the crawl space.  Mind you, it’s a belly crawl, not a ‘on your hands & knees crawl’.  And there’s no floor – only the ceiling joists and insulation.  I took some small hunks of plywood up with me that I could kind of ‘ski’ on just so I didn’t end up crashing through the ceiling.  The worst part was the temperature.  Had to be 120 up there.  Sweat was dripping off me so fast it looked like I had a hose installed on my head supplying the fountain of sweat that was sprouting from my eyebrows, nose, hair and anything else that would support a drip.


Then I got to come down into the 80-something degree not-yet finished bathroom and think it was cool.  Of course, as I started mounting the ceiling fan to the newly installed electric box, I discovered that in my haste to get out of the oven I installed the box support a wee bit tilted.  More tilted than I could correct for with the fan mounts.  So?  Up I went for round 2.  At least I had the fan mounting bracket screwed onto the electric box to act as a guide.  The re-install went fine.  Still hot as a mofo, but  at least this was a quick trip.

The upside to this whole mess?  I gave up a day of working on the bathroom to get a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom.  So even with no AC and the house heated up into the 80’s yesterday, sleeping last night was nearly blissful.  If it weren’t for the little fiberglass shards from the insulation making my forearms itch like nobody’s business it would have been pure heaven.


So.  Bathroom progress.  All the supply plumbing is done & pressure tested.  All the drain plumbing is done.  Now I get to build the third wall of the shower stall and get ranking on the wiring for the new ceiling lights.  Since it’s wiring & wall building – nah – who am I kidding?  I’m not going to do a thing on it during the week.  It’ll have to wait for the weekend like everything else.

Oh – that story about Cindy’s day off.  Here goes.

Many years ago, one fine weekend afternoon Cindy was headed from the garage into the house.  There are three steps to negotiate.  Well, in her typically drunken state at the time, she had a little trouble navigating step #1, tripped and but managed to get her left leg under her and catch herself.  In the process she managed to do some damage to her knee.  ACL, MCL, one of them.  A month or so after the incident she had her knee looked at, doc said it was a minor tear, not really bad enough to force an operation to repair, it would be Cindy’s choice.  She chose to let it heal on its own.


Fast forward a couple years.  Summer time.  Cindy’s left leg (calk mostly) swells up for no apparent reason.  We get her in to the doc, she says “get thee to the ultrasound clinic now and have the call me with the results”.  So we went to the clinic.  On the way I stopped by the surgical supply store and got her a pair of crutches.  At the ultrasound clinic we earned that Cindy had blood clots behind her left knee and they were gumming up the circulation causing the knee swelling.  That got her an invite to the hospital for some intensive heparin therapy to try and dissolve the clot.  She was in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and missed a family reunion (on her side, that we were a part of planning).  She got out of the hospital and was put on a prescription of injection type blood thinners for a week (another place to use my Army training!!), then went on tablet form of Coumadin.

Know what you’re not supposed to do while taking Coumadin?  Drink alcohol.  It messes with how the Coumadin works.  The poor doctor was going nuts trying to find a dosage level that would keep Cindy’s blood thin enough to avoid clotting but no so thin as to be a danger for minor nicks & scrapes.  We had the same GP at the time and that’s when I confessed to the Do that I was in Al Anon because of Cindy’s drinking and that that same drinking is what was causing her to have so much trouble dialing in the Coumadin levels.

That was about 5 years ago.  Fast forward to last week.  Cindy has this little teeny mole in her armpit.  Had it for years, never caused any trouble.  Thursday morning, while shaving her armpit, she took a hunk out of the mole.  A nice, blood vessel rich mole.  It bled like a stuck pig.  She didn’t even know it until she noticed the shower water was kind of pink.  She managed to get the bleeding to stop after 10 – 15 minutes with direct pressure and went on with her day.

Until she got to work.  Some how, Some way and for some reason, she looked at her underarm.  Apparently there was a HUGE bruise that spread from halfway down to her elbow up through her armpit and down her rib cage a ways.  It freaked her right out, so she went home and sprawled out on the couch. It was about 4:45 when she called me and bailed out of spin class.  That’s when I called the audible and went for that bike ride instead, because by the time I got home that bruise was gone.  Not even a hint of it remained.  I saw nothing to fret about.  So I went for a ride.

I got my wheel back from the bike shop too.  They replaced the busted spoke, re-trued my rim & cleaned the gear cassette.  Now I can’t ride again till Thursday.  Thinking of riding in to work but taking the really, really long way home, try to make a 50 miler of it.  Probably head out west along the lakeshore for 20 miles or so then cut back south and head for home.  Need to figure out the logistics of clothes as I don’t want to tackle that long of a ride wearing a backpack with the days laundry in it.  Maybe bring in 2 sets of clothes Thursday and bike everything home Friday.  Hmmmm – that’s got potential.


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  1. G.G

    Well, I’m glad it wasn’t anything overly serious but sounds like it sure scared Cindy.

    May 31, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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