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Day 2468

Didn’t ride my bike in to work today because it was supposed to be pouring by early evening. I packed my gym bag instead, pretty much resigned to hitting up a spin class tonight.

Imagine my disappointment when I checked the hourly forecast later in the afternoon and learned the rain was supposed to hold off till 9pm or so. Imagine my delight when I got a phone call from Cindy on my way to the gym. She was calling to tell me she was begging off on spin class. (The reason for that is a story unto itself.)

Since it wasn’t supposed to rain for 3 or 4 hours and my hot date at spin class evaporated, I called an audible. Rather than hit the gym, I headed home, donned the spandex shorts and picked a route – my Churchville/Spencerport/Chili loop. Nice little 34.4 mile jaunt – just what I needed after the weekends 28 mile ride.

Geared up & took off. 5 miles in I noticed a ‘twang’ sound as I took off at an intersection. 5 miles later I stopped for a drink of water and checked my rear wheel. Sure enough, I snapped a spoke. Wheel wobbled but didn’t rub the frame. I twisted the busted spoke around some of the good ones and kept going. 17-ish miles out I ran into a little patch of drizzle, but there was no substance to it. At least by then I’d turned for home.

Long story short, got in a lovely ride. Beat the hell out of spin class (sorry Maria!) (Like she reads this!) 34.5 miles, 1:54 saddle time. Felt freakishly strong at the end too – Want to try and sneak in a 50 miler over the weekend and another 50+ miler next weekend. Then I’ll feel ready for the Tour. Maybe.

More on Cindy’s impromptu day off next time.


One response

  1. G.G

    Wohoo, go bike boy go!

    Kind of afraid to hear the rest of the story.

    May 27, 2011 at 12:00 am

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