Always tweaking something!

Ass? Meet Boot

Day 2461 .

This week has kicked my ass for no particular reason. I am SO gad that today is my Friday. We’re taking delivery of the tub for the bathroom project tomorrow. Truck will be here sometime between 10 and 2. I hope arrives on the early end of the time slot, then I can get out for a bike ride if the freakin rain ever stops. As it turns out, I could have ridden to work Wednesday, but plans for the evening squashed that. Weird, I know – golf got cancelled so you’d think the weather would suck for biking. Unfortunately, golf courses take days to dry out, roads take mere hours.

I should take the time to figure out why this week has seemed so strenuous. Good little inventory exercise. I am also doing one on what it is I fear about considering separating form Cindy. Not that I’m considering taking that step, but I need to understand just what about it gives me the willies.

Have a new plan of attack for the job search & acquire mission. Rather than solely rely on on-line job sites to churn out likely suspects, I am broadening my “willing to re-locate” zone to pretty much the eastern seaboard south of NY. I am listing cities within each state and looking up newspapers in those cities. I will then search through those cities classifieds for jobs with potential. My aim is to start churning out 5 – 7 applications a day.

Last but not least – Saturday is reckoned to by Judgment Day by a few religious organizations. So I’m just wondering – when I wake up on Sunday, just how do I determine if I’m in Heaven or Hell? If, as I suspect, I am in neither Heaven nor Hell come Sunday, how soon can I expect those religious zealots warning me about the coming end of days to shut the heck up?

Silly question, I know. If the religious zealots disappear, I’m in heaven. If they’re still on the street corner pimping the end of days, I’m in hell.

If it isn’t raining in an hour, I’m sneaking out early so I can ride to the Y for spin class. Yes – it makes total sense.


One response

  1. G.G

    We have your sunshine :). Yes, odd I know.

    May 19, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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