Always tweaking something!

Duathlon de Cure?

Day 2458

I just checked a weather map of the country.  Maybe it’s me, but with a few isolated exceptions, it seems Mother Nature is really pissed off at the northeast this spring.  Yet another weekend went by with no significant outdoor riding accomplished.

Saturday we headed to Syracuse for Kelly’s graduation ceremony.   Eric’s fiancé is now a graduate of her nursing program – all that’s left is for her to take & pass her boards and she’ll be ready to tackle the working world.  I didn’t get a chance to quiz her on when she’s planning on taking the tests, but I do know she has only two section left to study for – pediatrics and one other whose title I can’t quite remember.  The real question is if she’ll be taking them before the wedding or not.  Time will tell.

Sunday it rained all day.  Actually, it started Saturday night, continued Sunday,  has carried on into Monday and is predicted to last until Thursday or something,  which will probably force golf to cancel, again.  (After last week, that may be a blessing.)

So.  Sunday.  Rain.  Terrible day to be on the roof trying to install the last of the plumbing vents.  So I puttered around inside, got the shower drain in place and started running the supply lines.  I was considering using PEX with the Sharkbite fittings for the supply until I read the latest Home Depot ad and saw the price of the fittings!

I can get 100 feet of the PEX tubing for $25.  Too bad I only need about 30 feet.  30 feet of Type M copper (the thicker walled stuff) runs about $45.  Sharkbite “T” fittings run $9.50 each – I’d need 4.  Elbows run about $5 each, again, I’d need 4.  Then there’s the adapters to the faucet fittings (4), adapters to the bath tub & shower (4) and one last adapter for the toilet.  I gave up looking at prices at this point because while the PEX might be quick & easy, it ain’t cheap.  I’m comfortable sweating (soldering) copper joints and I have gobs of fittings so I’m sticking with copper for this one last plumbing job.  So I got to snort some solder smoke this weekend too.  I head a little lead can be good for you, especially in your pencil!

Oh – about the title of this post.  Considering our recent spate of ducky weather, I was going to write to the head of the local Tour de Cure and suggest we switch it over to a bike & swim event – hence the “Duathlon”.  Maybe bike 50 miles and swim for two.  If it weren’t for the fact that I swim rather like a stone, I might be tempted.  (Yes, duathlons are usually bike/run, but the swimming seemed more appropriate given the weather).

In other news, got two more bites on the resume postings, neither with phone interviews yet, but I hope they are looming on the horizon.  Have a few follow-ups to do this week too.  Need to get back to my matrix and get it updated and get some more applications going.

In other other news, stuff I am loathe to share but need to keep track of somewhere (so I get to torture you with it too!) Cindy’s drinking is slipping – nudging it’s way back to where it was in little fits & starts.  Yesterday was one of the more remarkable days for depth, but Wednesday, Thursday & Friday were lighter drinking days too.  For the record, I did have a couple beers after golf Wednesday, I also had a beer Friday evening and two more at Kelly’s parents house Saturday.  That’s a lot for me – 5 beers in 5 days.  Cindy tends to start with her favorite whiskey & ginger ale, then will switch to beer if I have one.  By then though, the damage is done and she’s so far ahead of me on the BAC curve that there’s never a point in the evening where I can say “Gee, I could almost tolerate this”.   Not I get really far up the curve on 2 or 3 beers either.

So why do I?

Good question and I’m glad you asked.  I really don’t know.  In my gut, I think it’s tied to a reluctance to make a change.  Fear of change?  Meh – probably.   Fear of what the kids would think?  Not so much.  The subject has come up with them.  They’d be ok with it.  They know what’s up.  Fear of losing the house?  I’ll admit to that one.  Fear of “what the heck will I do now?”  Certainly.  This subject is worthy of an inventory.  Think I’ll go do one now.  Maybe I’ll even share the results, then let you guys call BS on anything I’m trying slip through.

Later . . .

Edited to add:

We are to take delivery of our new bath tub Friday between 10 and 2.  I will be home all day long.  If the weather doesn’t suck, I’ll get out for a bike ride and plan to be home by 9:30.  (3 hours of riding, I might get in 50 miles).  If it’s raining, I might just have to work on the bathroom instead.   Regardless, I also plan to try and get in 60+ miles on Sunday – very, very early.  Anyone want to join me?  (yes, I’ll let you drive the pace car instead)


4 responses

  1. G.G

    Ahhh the inventory…. Fun. Stuff. NOt.

    I have projects you can do INSIDE warm and dry. No climbing on roof necessary…although I do have a roof project as well now that i think of it. How are you with moss removal?

    crossing my fingers for improved weather for you and the other crazy bike riders.

    May 17, 2011 at 12:50 am

    • bikinfool

      Moss on a roof? Best cure is ample sunshine. Given your location, THAT ain’t gonna happen. You (or someone) can probably scrape it off with a strong jet from a garden hose. It’s a temporary fix because it’ll just come back. The permanent fixes are all costly.

      Now about those indoor jobs . . .

      May 17, 2011 at 11:30 am

      • GG

        Ahh does this mean I’m out of the dog house?

        May 18, 2011 at 2:38 am

      • bikinfool

        Oh – like you were ever really IN the dog house . . .

        May 18, 2011 at 8:24 am

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