Always tweaking something!

We’re Number What!?!?

Day 2455

Check this shiznit out.

No. Really. Go do it. Go now. I’ll wait.

The coincidences (irony?) here is un-fucking-believable.

“Known as the historical headquarters of past-their-prime corporate icons like Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb, Rochester suffered decades of painful contraction . . .”

No kidding. Kodak employed 60,000 people locally when I got hired in 1982. World wide, there were over 100,000 employees. Today, Kodak’s local employee count is somewhere south of 12,000. One must also consider that several large divisions were sold off to Johnson & Johnson (clinical products), ITT(secret government shit), Heidelberg (copiers – since brought back into the fold) and my own beloved Carestream Health. Many of the sold divisions are still up & running and employing similar numbers of folks. But the core of Kodaks old business – film – has taken a pounding and suffered very real losses & contractions.

The irony part is clinched with the part about Pittsburgh and getting hired by UPMC. Precisely what I’d like to do!!! With the housing prices being what they are down there, we would consider building new and getting a house set up exactly how we want. No fixer-upper, no ‘we can re-do the kitchen’, no more damn drywall dust up my nose. We’d get our big assed back porch, our Wolf Stove and a sweet on-suite bath in the master bedroom. Ranch house too – no more stairs.

We’ve researched this idea, can you tell? Now, this happens if and only if I have to go to Pittsburgh. (I was going to type iff, but how many of you know what that’s short hand for? I’m guessing only the math geeks out there would know. Spell check certainly doesn’t)

As I mentioned yesterday, I firmly believe that a change in location does not make all your problems go away. You invariably bring ALL your baggage with you. The increased isolation, lack of the family safety net, the increased isolation (worth repeating) will really strip your issues bare and leave them for all to see.

Just got another call about a local job. Need to return that guys call and insure him I’m interested. I also need to follow up on an application I put in to a local hospital for one of their biomed spots. Pittsburg is nice, but I’d really prefer to not move.


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